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2021 College Football/NFL Draft Thread


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41 minutes ago, Daniel said:

Ossai is the best tackler in this class. He gets a hand on a guy, they’re going down.

Needs to learn what pass rush moves are though.

If he is as athletic as they say he is.  He can be taught.  I see some Whitney Mercilus in him. 

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3 things you all should know 

1. Think SEC in rounds 1 and 2

as 5 of our last six picks in those rounds have been from the SEC.

2. 3rd round think-

Sun Belt

Conference USA

All 5 players Jon Robinson has picked in the 3rd round have been from those conferences.

3. The titans will most likely not pick in the 4th round since Jon Robinson has only picked one player in the 4th round since he’s been here so expect a trade up or a trade back involving our 4th round pick.

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The more film/interviews/etc that I've been watching on prospects leading into the draft the more I feel like Rashod Bateman is going to be a big JRob guy. Would be the perfect Corey replacement. Coached by PJ Fleck (Corey's coach at WMU), big time receiver and similar body type to Corey, a real leader in the community at Minnesota, and only had one scholarship offer (Minnesota) coming out of high school so he has that chip on his shoulder JRob usually likes. Everything about his play style, and what I've seen about Rashod as a person screams Titan to me. Fits the mold of the type of prospect JRob usually looks for, and the type of guy that we're really trying to get back to drafting after last year's disaster.

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4 minutes ago, Daniel said:

With the addition of Dupree and Autry, put me on the Jaycee Horn in round 1 train.

After that, go Edge, WR/TE, and NT and we’re suddenly a competent defense again.

For the first time, I’m actually open to Zaven Collins. Problem with him though is he’s kind of like Evans coming out. Played edge in college and sparingly as an ILB. He’s raw at the position and I don’t trust anybody on the staff to develop him. Or anybody for that matter. 

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