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2021 College Football/NFL Draft Thread


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2 minutes ago, TitanSlim said:

Wait, Phillips ran a 4.46 at 260????? Ain’t no way...😳

Don't trust any of these numbers. 
This would be the "fastest" Draft class ever based on the times coming out. lol

But luckily he looks good in games and his playing speed is legit. 

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1 minute ago, KingTitan said:

Yeah. Still moving.
I still would take him in the 1st.

He and Caleb Farley are two guys I have concerns about because of their injury history but I wouldn’t have any problem if they were the pick at 22.
Both are top 10 talents. Reminds me of the situation with Big Jeff a couple of years ago.

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Ugh Phillips is trying to get picked before the Titans. I might fly to Miami and slip some weed in his back pack. 


In all seriousness looks like great times for all the canes. Rousseou arm length is crazy. I would like to see Jordan's agility test but he shows it on the field tho. This should be a good week for pro days

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