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2021 College Football/NFL Draft Thread


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I’ve kind of gotten to the point where I don’t want to draft a receiver in the 1st round. It’s a loaded draft and one will be there in the 2nd and probably even the 3rd and 4th rounds. Unlike positions like CB and iDL where it’s an incredibly weak. Would would you guys take if Bateman, Barmore, or if somehow Horn or Surtain fall to 22? Farley could fall due to his back but as a GM who just had a historically bad draft, do you take that chance? Assuming it’s Barmore, Horn/Surtain, and Bateman, I think I’m going with Horn/Surtain. No way you can go into the season with our current CB group. A 2nd round pick last year in Fulton who missed most of the year and wasn’t that good when he played. A 10 year vet who is a solid player but also only on a 1 year deal. Currently no nickel CB unless you’re counting Johnson and he’s just flat out garbage and also on a 1 year deal. Borders is the current #4 CB and he actually played well last year although he is very susceptible to getting burnt. Definitely a good option as a CB lower on the depth chart. Honestly I wish we’d just target Steven Nelson in FA. He’s been graded as a top 10 CB the past 3 years and fits what we want to do. Then in the draft we can go all in on the front 7 and building the offense back up. Maybe just a CB later in the draft.

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On 3/23/2021 at 1:11 PM, TitanSlim said:

Still on the Elijah Moore bandwagon as far as WRs. I’m probably alone in this, but I’d have no problem if he was the WR we took in the 1st. It’s bold but I see some Antonio Brown in his game.

He and AJ Brown already have a great relationship and would push each other if he were on the team.

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I can see Collins being a pick too. 

They can go any direction with their pick. There are certain spots that carry more priority, but I can see almost any position being picked @22. Or a trade back. 


Also Robinson likes these days because he remembers them when the guy is a FA in 4-5 years. 

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Zaven Collins would be a great value at 22, but I worry he's kind of a wasted pick in 2021, unless they can offload Rashaan Evans.

Off the ball linebacker is a big need for 2022, but not now.  I know Robinson likes to think about things the next year, but with the holes we have on the D, I would really prefer it be someone else.

But if the guys that are better fits are gone, he looks like a future stud.

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