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Antonio Brown


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We have no egos on this team so I'm not sure how he would fit in. I don't think anyone can question his ability on the field, it's everything off the field that is the problem. Antonio doesn't strike me as the team first kinda guy. Not sure we need this at the moment. 


Can't see the potential payoff of dealing with his off the field foolery being worth it. Maybe if we were very desperate for WR help, which we are not. Also, is he not still in legal proceeding for  his sexual assault case?

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Don't mistake the question for advocacy either way, but for the L'eveon Bell flirtation I wouldn't have thought it a possibility I am not thrilled with the idea but I actually do trust this Staff and the decisions they are making. Despite the Seattle rumblings I still think Houston would be the one most likely to test the waters or as some talking heads have speculated a contender may try and sign him just to keep from having to face him. I think the pending sexual assault case (because I am too lazy to google it) is solely a civil case for the moment. There may never be any criminal charges, vastly different burdens of proof. 

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