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Week 6 Player of the Game?


Week 6 MVP?  

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  1. 1. Who was the best of the worst?

    • Josh Allen
    • Stefon Diggs
    • Cole Beasley
    • Justin Zimmer
    • Jaquan Johnson
    • Corey Bojorquez
    • Other

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I went with Cole Beasley and think his game has been consistent when he is being looked at and the bills need to continue to utilize him as he is getting open at times and can make the play. I am starting to lose faith in John Brown and see Gabriel Davis as being our future solid #2. I am not sure if it is injury or if he is just being phased out but he should be utilized more as well. I think Diggs is an overall beast and would have voted for him but the lack of effort to getting to the line being down 9 knowing they dont have a chance annoys me as each play should be 100% if you are on the field. 

I like Borj more so then I did before the year he has a booming leg but my concern which hasnt been shown this past 2 weeks is the ability to pin a team inside their 20 when it comes to short punts, which the bills havent done the last 2 games. This is what separates a good punter to a great punter. So I want to see more of him pinning teams before giving him the MVP of the week, plus giving that title to a punter is also concerning as that means both offense and defense cant move the ball.

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