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MNF: Cardinals Cowboys


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That's some incredible play so far. Budda Baker and Dennis Gardeck have been incredible so far today. And it's nice to see guys like Angelo Blackson and Jordan Phillips continuing to make some plays. The defense has been in a rough streak, but this game is peachy thus far.

So, as I was saying, DeVondre Campbell has been invisible for stretches, but we kind of knew that might happen. He did that in Atlanta, where he'd be unstoppable for half the games and a non-factor for the other half.

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Vance Joseph is having himself a game. The defense is playing great as a whole. Byron Murphy allowed the 27-yarder to CeeDee with the broken tackle but has been excellent otherwise. Kirkpatrick has been physical. The edge rush has been impactful between Kennard, Reddick, and Gardeck. Budda Baker has been superhuman. The other safeties have been good. The defensive interior has been good with Blackson, Phillips, and Allen all making impact plays. Hicks and Campbell have been good enough.

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2 hours ago, HoboRocket said:

Look! Even Isaiah Simmons is contributing!

This game is actually really fun. It's a shame that our forum is a desolate wasteland.

True. But congratulations on your team's impressive win! Thanks to you, the 1-5 Giants are still just one game out of leading their division. ✌️

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