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44 minutes ago, romo2bryant said:

I mean, he wasn't that great last year either.

Or any year, really.

He has been average overall. He has had some very good games, but overall he has never been great. He didnt deserve that contract. We paid for mediocrity, and we got mediocrity.

Same with Lael Collins at RT.

Same with Lawrence (one good year with amazing stat line padded in a few games with multiple sacks, but a poor career track record prior).

Same with Crawford.

Same with Cooper (great player but a long record of inconsistency in Oakland and Dallas)

You pay for mediocrity, you get mediocrity.

We saw this same thing with those 8-8x3 teams a decade ago. Austin, Barber, Ratliff, James, Kozier, Spencer, Spears, some kicker. We paid mediocrity. And we got mediocrity. 

One year does not make a career. A few good games in a contract year does not mean you are worth a second deal. Sometimes moving on is better, no matter how hard you think it will be to replace that player. You cant pay decent players like great players.

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50 minutes ago, D82 said:

He's had one really good year. 

Nah. He had a decent year with a ton of tackles because no one else on the team was as fast to the ball as he was. A lot of.tackles after decent gains. A lot of whiffed tackles too. Too many blown coverages.

His best year was still just a decent year overall. Dont let tackle counts mislead you.

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14 hours ago, Matts4313 said:

I wouldnt. Jaylon is mid-tier paid for a LB on a second contract. I am not sold he has just lost the ability to play football. I think we are a mess schematically. 

Agreed. MM had a nepotism hiring with MN. MN has NEVER had a defense in the TOP 10. MM should take heat for this hiring. 

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10 minutes ago, Nextyearfordaboyz said:

The answer is a very clear yes.

We should move on from any player that doesn't have a chance to factor in our future. Gregory and Anae should be getting his snaps. 

I agree. He’s on pace to hit about 6 sacks this year. We could probably get something for him. Maybe.. he was just sitting on the market when we signed him. Things change though, injuries happen, and teams get antsy. He could be worth something now...

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20 minutes ago, Matts4313 said:

At least the FO has embraced the tank. Not that Griffen was really moving the needle for our defense anyways.

I hope they do move on, even if they can't trade him. Play Gregory and get Anae more snaps.

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