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Seattle Seahawks @ Arizona Cardinals

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Should we pretty much just chalk this up as a loss right now?  This is probably the most difficult team for the Seahawks to beat in the league haha.  When I watch Kyler Murray play, it blows me away how insanely quick and fast he is.  There are rumors that Jamal Adams coming back is still an uncertainty.  Adams will be so critical with helping to contain Murray, their running backs and short throws.


This is a quote from Pete Carroll on Monday, I believe:  “We’ve got to get through the week and see what happens,” Carroll said. “Give him these days and figure it out – take full advantage of the time. Make sure that we are doing the right thing in taking care of him and looking after him. It’s a long season and we’d love to have him back as soon as we can get him but we want him back when’s he’s right and back for the long haul.”

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“Body’s feeling good, man,” Adams said. “I’m starting to get my step. I’m starting to get back to me. I know my body. God’s timing is the best timing, so I’m not even going to put a ‘when I will return’ or whatever it is."

Still no word on if Adams will play vs Arizona.

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