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GDT Week 7 - Licking wounds in the Queen City

Who wins?  

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  1. 1. Who wins on Sunday?

    • Browns
    • Who Dey?
    • Dey Who?
    • Hornby
    • Kiwi
    • The entire state of Ohio

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3 minutes ago, Reginaldm9 said:

It really sucks that Baker can't see the field and also he's the best QB we've had since Kosar. 

There’s a reason why guys like Brees and Russell are rare.


However, the fanbase is obsessed with finding unicorns.

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6 minutes ago, Kiwibrown said:

Why did he throw that to OBJ he wants close to being open. 

It was a one on one, you should take that every time. Ball Came Out weird to. You rarely ever see baker under throw like that 

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Just now, MSURacerDT55 said:

Baker apologist please explain....

You can't anymore. I'm trying to find the good, but like I said in another thread Bakers best trait-- his accuracy and completion percentage-- are now horrible somehow.

So what does he do well? Nothing anymore. He's a bad turnover prone QB with the happy feet jitters 

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