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How much longer does Nagy get to call plays?


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The problem, as I see it, is more accountability than playcalling.

Players are simply not being held accountable for absolutely atrocious effort or performance.  We saw it before with how long they let Kyle Long be a complete liability before they finally retired him, but at least he was actually putting in a damn effort.... You're seeing multiple fundamental breakdowns on the offensive line right now, often on every single play. This is the kind of crap that my high school coach would have blown an artery screaming about before making every one run in punishment.

That isn't to say Nagy isn't blameless.... he quite often tries to get entirely too cute with his play calling, but part of the reason for those plays is simply because this offense doesn't actually seem capable of winning a fair fight, and has to resort to weird gimmicks constantly to make up for the almost comical lack of talent and effort.

IMO start benching, or outright trading people who don't buy in/step up/do their damn jobs... Leno isn't even good enough to be our backup, and Miller should honestly be traded out after his game last week, or least benched in favor of Wims/Ridley, who I'm sure would actually attempt to play to the whistle, if it meant getting on the field.

I was rather confounded when Helfrich couldn't get this offense going last year, because he was regarded as a VERY bright offensive mind. He ended up getting scapegoated for Nagy's failure to hold players accountable for garbage play, and Pace's failure to build a decent offense personnel wise.

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