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With the expansion to a 17-game schedule...


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The Seahawks could play a game in Vancouver occasionally, without having to give up a game at CLF. The NFL is planning on the 17th game for each team being neutral-site.

Technically, a Seahawks game in Vancouver would be part of the neutral-site initiative. But for all intents and purposes, it would be a Seahawks home game.

They probably wouldn't happen every year, but in the years they do happen, the "visiting" team could be a high-profile opponent that isn't already scheduled to play against the Seahawks by way of the scheduling formula to determine 16 of each team's games. This would usually mean an AFC opponent since the Seahawks frequently finish first in the NFC West. Like next year, Lamar Jackson and the Ravens could play the Seahawks in Vancouver before a national audience on SNF. Vancouver can hold like a "Seahawks Day" with festivities. The Seattle Kraken of the NHL would play a road game against the Vancouver Canucks that afternoon to serve as a lead in to the Seahawks game.

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By the time such a thing were to happen, I see ViacomCBS replacing NBCUniversal as the primary broadcaster of NHL games in the US.

For games on a broadcast network, the CW, which ViacomCBS co-owns with WarnerMedia, would be used far more often than CBS due to the latter's other sports commitments.

The aforementioned Kraken-Canucks game would air in the US on the CW that Sunday afternoon. It would get good ratings in Seattle as the Seahawks are not playing until primetime.

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