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Week 7 General Discussion

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1 minute ago, BlaqOptic said:

A 2-point win over Denver; Pitt beat them by 6.

a 3-point win over 1-4 Jacksonville

A 1 point win over 1-4 Minnesota.

An OT win over the Texans who the Steelers blanked int he entire 2nd half.

Just admit you only watched the Bills game and move on.


2 minutes ago, -Hope- said:

i'm sorry, what? we won those games by like a combined total of 10 points. this is pure silliness

You both beat me to the punch lol.

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3 minutes ago, -Hope- said:

it's about to be an easy 14-0 against the best defense in the nfl and our offense has seen the field for 3 plays

I get it. Not a great start.

Just saying whenever I see Titans chatter on here I feel like it's doom and gloom until the final score showing you guys won. Always found it odd, especially given the success y'all have had lately.

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