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Week 7 General Discussion

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21 minutes ago, Bearerofnews said:

I posted this before.

Since 2017

K Allen.  337 recs 4144 yds 20 tds

M Evans. 246 recs 3953 yds 27 tds

D Hopkins. 360 recs 4643 yds 33 tds

J. Jones 315 recs 4728 yds 17 tds

M. Thomas 381 recs 4392 yds 23 tds

D. Adams 291 recs 3521 yds 30 tds

O. Beckham 197 recs 2683 yds 16 tds

A. Cooper 241 recs 3298 yds 23 tds

T. Hill 242 recs 3886 yds 30 tds

A. Robinson 189 recs 2339 yds 13 tds

Keenan is definitely among the elite.

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3 minutes ago, Emerica said:

Josh Jacobs really ain't it this year huh

He was like 2nd in rushing yards after the first 5 weeks. And the Buccaneers have the best run defense in the league while we were missing two starters on our OL then lost two backups during the game. For a large majority of the game we had a 3rd string RG/RT in together. And for most of the season we've been missing 2+ starters on our OL every week. 

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8 minutes ago, Blackstar12 said:

Please tell me there going to flex next weeks DAL-PHI SNF game.

It’s a game for first place. More importantly it’s the Cowboys. After that game & Pittsburgh in week 9, they should be off national TV except for Thanksgiving.

5 minutes ago, mattyice0401 said:

Ravens play the Steelers right? That should be a great game. 


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1 minute ago, mattyice0401 said:

I feel like he has an injury that they’re not talking about. Complete speculation though. 

He has been a little banged up but our run blocking has been absolutely terrible. We've been without two All-Pro level OL pretty much the entire season and played a good chunk of today with two third stringers at RG/RT. For a good chunk of the season we've also had a backup LG starting at RT. 

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