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Make A Movie Game: The Game


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The Make a Movie game was fun while it lasted, but it didn’t last.  Players lost interest or quit midway through it without really finishing their movies.  I think this happened for a couple reasons.  First, I think it happened because the drafts took too long.  Second, I think it happened because there was no sense of competition.  No stakes.  This is not a Movie Draft game.  There will be no drafting of cast or crew.  It will be like Survivor/Big Brother in that each week, one player or team will be eliminated by a vote.  Unlike those games, the vote will be open to everyone (even those not playing).  

Before I get into how it will work I will say that if you feel like you won’t be able to finish this on your own, I encourage you to form a TEAM.  You have the option of doing it all by yourself or teaming up (up to two on a team).

This will be very stringent on deadlines.  if you don't submit, you're out.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  That said, deadlines will be very fair, with about 5 days to actually plot your movie.

I am not going to rush anyone to complete their projects and I will take a very relaxed, slow, calm approach to this mostly because I've got a much busier life now than when I hosted Survivor last.  If interest fizzles out, or if there's not enough interest, this will end prematurely.  But as long as two teams want to keep going, I will keep doing what I have to do as host to finish it out. 

How the Game Works:

*There are 40 possible movie projects players/teams will provide a plot synopsis for.  That list is the second post on this page.
*At the start of each cycle, one of those 40 movie projects will be randomly selected.
*Once the movie is selected, there will be a Reward Challenge.
*The reward challenge will determine perks/handicaps for players/teams.  These perks will vary from project to project.  For example, some perks might allow complete creative control.  These rewards/disadvantages will always be separated in three tiers.  There will be a top place tier with the least restriction, a middle tier with a low restriction, and a bottom tier with the worst restriction.  Let's use The Thing as an example (I've kept this off the list since I'm the only one here who loves it).  First tier would be given complete creative control.  Second tier would only be allowed to cast one household name in a role.  The third tier would have to use an all-female cast and tell an all-female story. 
*Once handicaps and perks have been decided, players will have about 4 days to work with their producing partners or alone in order to come up with a synopsis.  Shoot for a 1,000 word synopsis, but try not to go over that.  Remember, in order to rate these movies, fans will have to read the synopsis.  Treat it like it's a real movie.  If fans know it's a 4 hour long movie, not many are going to go to the theaters and sit through that. 
*After synopses are turned into me VIA PM, I will post all the movies in a new thread for ANYBODY ON THIS SITE to judge based on a ranking.  MOVIES WILL BE ANONYMOUS UNTIL AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN JUDGED.  DO NOT TELL PEOPLE WHICH MOVIE IS YOURS UNTIL AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN JUDGED.  They will either post in-thread a ranking of the movies from first to worst.  For example, their favorite movie they will give a 12, second favorite an 11 all the way down to least favorite a 1.  I will tally up all those scores.  The production company with the lowest Box Office Return (rating) will be eliminated from the game. 
*After a Production Company has been eliminated, we start again.  I randomly select a movie, I post the movie.  I randomly select a reward challenge, I post the challenge.  Players submit their challenge, I post handicaps/perks.  Players have 4-ish days to write their synopsis, I post the movies.  Fans vote for their favorite movies.  One player is eliminated. 


*I may or may not contribute my own movie to the voting pool just as a wildcard and because I'm only hosting this because nobody else would and I would be so down for this ****. 
*Winners of the last movie may or may not be granted the selection of the next movie project.
*Winners of the last movie may or may not be granted reward challenge selection.
*Advertising IS allowed and encouraged.  You can PM or tag as many people as you would like to come in and vote, but you CANNOT divulge which movie is yours.  MOVIES HAVE TO STAND ON THEIR MASS APPEAL AND NOT THE APPEAL OF THE PRODUCERS.
*If a production company does not compete in the reward challenge, they are automatically in last place and there may or may not be further penalties imposed on their creativity.
*If a production company does not submit a movie, they're out.  Period.  No exceptions.  You can't make any money off your movie if you don't release your movie (I'm looking at you A Quiet Place 2).

So here is an example of one cycle:

Monday - Movie is randomly selected.  Reward challenge is posted at noon CST.
Tuesday - Reward challenge submission is due.  
Friday - Movie submission is due.
Friday night-Sunday night - Voting.
Monday morning - Results are posted, team is eliminated.

So let’s say the first challenge is Universal Soldier.  

The reward challenge gets randomly selected.

Winner - Gets to cast whoever they want in the three lead roles (hero, heroine, villain)
2nd-12th place - Can only cast 1 household name actor/actress
Last place - Has to cast Bruce Willis as the hero

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This is the list of potential movies you will be making.  Each week one will be randomly selected from this list.

Existing Properties
2. Terminator
3. Alien
4. Nightmare on Elm Street
5. Child’s Play
6. Highlander
7. Cabin in the Woods
8.Killer Klowns from Outer Space

9. Science Fiction
10. Historical/Biographical
11. Comedy
12. Action
13. Western
14. Musical

Random Prompts
15. A Hidden Temple
16. Absurdly Violent Movie
17. A woman afraid of squirrels
18. Detour gone wrong
19. Estranged family comes together for a funeral
20. A Space Station

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Reward Challenges
-How you perform in these challenges will determine what advantages or disadvantages you will have in making your movie
-These will also be randomly selected
-You will have 24 hours to complete them
-If you do not complete the reward challenge, you automatically finish in the last tier
-Advantages/disadvantages range from no limitations, cast limitations, budget limitations, remake/reboot/sequel...

1/2. Bad Descriptions (Capped at 2 possible). 
-In this challenge, I give 12 bad descriptions of movies.  You have to guess what the movie is.

3. Villain Deaths
-Similar to Bad Descriptions, I tell you how the villain dies.  You guess the movie.

4,5,6,7,8. Quickest Quotes (Capped at 5 possible)
-I post in thread one word from a movie quote at a time.  Players send me PMs or Discord messages guessing what the movie is. 
-First to guess it correctly wins
-If you guess incorrectly, you're out

9, 10. Name That Image
-I will post a blown up image from a movie.
-The image will zoom out in subsequent posts with players able to guess at any point what movie it comes from.
-Wrong guess and you're out.  Correct guess, based on submission time, wins. 

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1. @rackcs, @Dome (Can Choose a Production Company name if they would like)
2. @MikeT14
3. @Deadpulse, @Malfatron (DeadMalf Industries)
4. @The Orca
5. @Pickle Rick
6. @jasonwbantle

Frequent Judges (Who will be tagged each time movies are submitted unless they decide to team up and play)

1. @ET80
2. @swoosh
3. @Bucketheadsdad

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23 minutes ago, Dome said:

Anybody want a teammate?

i haven’t read the rules and may not ever... but I enjoy camaraderie.

Let's do it Dome

16 minutes ago, MikeT14 said:

I think I am understanding this. Never watched big brother. I think I’d like to try this out

It sounds like basically everyone is given the same prompt for a movie, has to come up with a pitch for it, and then we vote on who has the best or who leaves or something like that.

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Just now, rackcs said:

It sounds like basically everyone is given the same prompt for a movie, has to come up with a pitch for it, and then we vote on who has the best or who leaves or something like that.

This is mostly correct. 

Every player/team gets a prompt for a movie.
A reward challenge determines limitations for each player/team. 
Players/teams have about 5 days to write their pitch.
The whole forum votes on the movies over two days via PM to me ranking the movies from best to worst.

Each week, the last place finisher is eliminated. 

Teams/players do not vote.  There is no backstabbing/alliances type thing in this game. 


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