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Steelers Vs Buccaneers would have the best Super Bowl Storyline


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19 hours ago, stl4life07 said:

Storyline would be that of Chiefs v Bucs. Mahomes v Brady AGAIN. Last time we saw them on the biggest stage which was the AFCCG, the Pats won the coin flip and Brady made sure Mahomes didnt see the field which caused an outcry by everyone on changing the OT rules. Ironically over in the NFCCG the Saints had the ball first and Goff still got a chance to get the ball and lead his team to the Superbowl and nobody mentioned that. Basically, Chiefs shouldve made a defensive stop in OT and Mahomes wouldve saw the field. So I think Mahomes v Brady in the Superbowl would be a great storyline.

For me personally I want Chiefs v Rams. Storyline would take us back to that crazy MNF game 54-51 Rams win. Both teams come a long way. Chiefs defense is better, Rams offense while not as explosive is more efficient. Rams defense is better too. If they both make the Superbowl it certainly wont be that high of a scoring game. I think CEH the rookie and Akers the other rookie would be get alot of shine as the future stud backs in the NFL. Of course Ramsey, will he shadow Hill? Mahomes being 0-1 versus Goff and even though that MNF game was so high scoring, Mahomes did turn the ball over 4 times including a pick at the end of the game. Goff was the better QB on the field that night. So it would be an intriguing matchup that I personally want to see again. Then also baked in would be will McVay learn his lesson from his terrible offensive game against the Patriots in 2018? Reid hasnt beaten the Rams in the playoffs losing to them in the NFCCG when he was coaching the Eagles. Not to mention Kupp would be making his first Superbowl. He didnt play in the Superbowl in 2018 due to the injury. He also didnt play in that wild MNF game against the Chiefs either. So it would be his first time playing against them too. 

You still think Brady is a more expensive version of Jameis or nah?

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23 hours ago, Zalixar said:

I know this is unpopular and will sound biased but:


Steelers and Cardinals Part 2:  Electric Boogaloo.


Revenge Game vs the Steelers...in Tampa again where the first SB against each other was played and capping Fitz's career if he wins.


Only Fitz and Big Ben the only people from those teams still on the team?


My heart couldn't take a loss though.





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47 minutes ago, stl4life07 said:

The first 5 games yes. The last 2 games no. He is now looking like the QB the Bucs thought they were getting plus more. 

best QB in football over the last 5 games not just last 2. First couple of games were preseason now he is heating up...

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56 minutes ago, notthatbluestuff said:


Yeah true.  I did mean players but didn't specify.


But the first one was one of the best, so no reason this couldn't be either judging by the teams this season.

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15 hours ago, Jotun_Fan said:

Patriots qb struggles to continue, so they sign a veteran qb with proven results in the playoffs...Eli Manning. He somehow manages to lead them to the big game v. Tampa, where he goes 8/23 and throws 4 picks, 2 returned for tds.

Eli and Pats over Brady and Bucs would be the most hilarious thing ever, even though I’d be rooting the Bucs in that game. 

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On 10/31/2020 at 3:36 AM, Uncle Buck said:

The ultimate matchup for me would have been Tampa vs. New England, but it doesn't look like the Patriots are going to make it that far.

I can see that matchup being what the NFL would want but for me the ideal matchup would be Buccaneers v Raiders. Gruden returns to the big game against the dastardly Buccaneers who he won it with against the Raiders. Brady takes the lead and holds it for 3 1/2 quarters before Antonio Brown gets knocked out cold by Abram and fumbles. With less than 2 minutes left Carr gets strip sacked but its called back on a rediculous technicality and he leads the Raiders on a last minute drive to steal the game 😀

Karma restores the universe to equilibrium.

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