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BDL 2020 Week 7 - Rome Eternals @ Oklahoma City EF5s


Rome Eternals @ Oklahoma City EF5s  

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BDL 2020 Week 7

Match: Rome Eternals @ Oklahoma City EF5s

Away Owner: @bcb1213

Home Owner: @Blue


Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both

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Rome Eternals

QB Justin Herbert 
RB Phillip Lindsay 
RB DeAndre Swift 
WR Amari Cooper 
WR Will Fuller 
TE Anthony Firkser 
LT Andrew Whitworth 
LG Michael Onwenu 
C Brandon Linder 
RG Chris Lindstrom 
RT Ryan Ramczyk

QB Drew Brees 
WR Juju Smith Schuster 
WR Hunter Renfrow 
WR Devin Devurnay 
TE James O Schaunnesey 
OT Braden Smith 
RB Devonta Freeman 
OL Ted Karras 

DE Marcus Davenport 
DT Dalvin Tomlinson 
NT Malcolm Brown 
DE Takk McKinley 
LB Matt Milano 
LB Alex Anzalone 
CB Marlon Humphrey 
CB Jamel Dean 
CB Nickell Robley Coleman 
S Duron Harmon 
S Tre Boston 

Edge Carlos Dunlap
Edge Dante Fowler 
INT Michael Brockers 
INT Ross Blacklock 
LB Jordan Hicks 
LB Devondre Campbell 
CB Noah Iginobhene 
S Ricardo Allen 

Oklahoma City EF5s

QB Patrick Mahomes
RB Latavius Murray
WR1 Allen Robinson
WR2 Robert Woods
TE1 Trey Burton
TE2 Dalton Schultz
LT Justin Herron
LG Brian O’Neill
C Rodney Hudson
RG Kevin Zeitler
RT Morgan Moses

RB2 James White
WR3 Brandin Cooks
WR4 Randall Cobb
WR5 Greg Ward

WR6 Equi St. Brown
TE3 David Njoku
OL6 John Miller - OUT
OL7 Jesse Davis

LE Stephon Tuitt
DT Sheldon Richardson
DT Akiem Hicks
RE Derek Barnett
LB Anthony Hitchens
LB Jarrad Davis
CB Tre’Davious White
CB Michael Davis
CB Byron Jones
FS Adrian Amos
SS Jordan Poyer

DE3 Kerry Hyder
DT3 David Onyemata
DT4 Shamar Stephen
LB3 Anfernee Jennings

LB4 David Long - OUT
CB4 Troy Pride

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Rome Eternals


Tempo tempo tempo.  All up tempo all the time through the first three quarters. Okc has zero bdl quality depth up front so we are gonna keep the gas pedal down and force these guys to play a bunch of plays 

Base formation above (30%)

We have our two RB shotgun formation with Firkser lined up on the barret side two WR opposite end.  This formation accomplishes a ton of things.  First it tells us immediately if the play is zone or man as the corner will have to come guard the WR or have the lb be burnt toast by fuller inside.  Secondly it allows Herbert to easily audible into certain plays.  In man coverage it's a triple option.  With the whole right side of the field open and a subpar speed lb group we feel this is an awesome avenue for big chunk runs.  If Barrett stands up it's in inside give to Lindsey right at his side.  If he crashes low its a speed option to the outside with Herbert and swift with Justin pitching or keeping depending on what the lb does. Firkser should be able to block either the lb on this side or safety.  Other plays for man include motioning swift out to the right to get him one on one with a lb. Which also lightens the box for running with Lindsey.  For zone its an easy screen out to fuller on an undermanned side as well as flood plays with Cooper running deep, fuller on intermediate out and Lindsey to the flat.  Plus fuller and Cooper both running goes with fuller close to line for seam route 

5 wide (25%)

I already hear the no running option groans.  But listen  Okc doesn't have five healthy corners. Brees cycles in for the five wide as Okc will be stuck playing zone or if in man cover a wr with a lb/s.  Plus they don't really have a second 4-3 end here to worry about 

We use motion to determine coverage and let Brees do his thing. This formation will be reserved mainly for end of quarters when the defense will be most gassed.  It'll likely be dink and dunk to intermediate short routes down the field long drives that Brees excels at 

2 wr, 2 te, 1 RB (15%)

With Okc having little to no lb as well we'll run some toss plays towards the tuitt side and power plays at the Barnett side.  Herbert in here and we'll hit some play action deep in shots today keep the defense honest. Principal o Schaunnesey is a solid Blocker at TE and Firkser has experience at fb 

4 wr 1 RB (15%)

Again lightens the box for swift .  We'll attack Pride all day long if he's in man not getting help.  Renfrow, juju are slots here.  We'll have a lot of of trip zone busting plays at the ready. Deep go with a post for cover two, floods and screens for cover three .  

Other 15 percent will be a mix of things working abovr and the three wr TE RB formation and jumbo goaline sets as needed. 


Up tempo to gas no depth front.  Multiple formations and looks.  Zone beaters, options and just pure talent for man 



This week we face off against Patty Mahomes and the pass happy Okc attack 

Unfortunately for Mahomes, this offensive line is in shambles.  They currently don't have a LT healthy unless you count Justin Herron who was so bad New England moved him to guard halfway through the last game.  The other options are Brian o Neil and Morgan Moses who are right tackles and have little to no nfl experience protecting the blind side.  At LG I assume will be John Miller who the Okc staff has so much faith in they put the aforementioned Brian o Neil at LG last week despite him never playing guard in his life.  That tells you how bad Miller is.  A now healthy davenport and Tomlinson are gonna have a good time today on this side. 

We aren't exactly sure what personnel blue is gonna decide to go with this week but with Brandin Cooks having one of his biyearly good games last week, I'll assume it'll be three wide base. In this personnel grouping we have Humphrey shadowing Robinson, Dean on Woods and NRC on Cooks in the slot.  Safety help will be with NRC as Cooks is gonna be running his go routes all day.  Anzalone gets Burton while Milano gets the RB.  The safety opposite Cooks will have the cover one look.  In two TE Hicks will have shultz with nrc running off.  In four wide Noah gets Cobb I assume.  Five wide we'll be playing a mixture of cover two and three zones as we have some owies in the secondary at the moment. 

Brockers will rotate in for the big boys when needed.  Dunlap for the edges. On third and longs we are putting Dunlap inside over name that guard. We may also run four DE on super long plays with davenport also going inside and Fowler coming on.  They may have a plan to chip on the left side which would be smart.  If someone stays in to block entirely, his cover man will become the Mahomes spy. 

We aren't gonna go crazy with blitzes this week as giving a guy like Mahomes more openings is a recipe for disaster.  We per usual will mix in cover three and cover four zones.  Mahomes destroys cover two zones so we are avoiding them.  When we do blitz it will be in a cover three zone look to make sure we don't allow deep balls 

Tl/dr. Attack the left side of the line. Trust the talent to contain big plays with no running game to worry about 

Oklahoma City EF5s

Offense (50/50 run/pass)

-          Bakhtiari is out, which means our pass pro is taking a big hit this week. To compensate, we’ll be running the ball more. Murray is our primary ball carrier with White getting mixed in for a handful of carries. Brandin Cooks and Robert Woods will also get the ball on jet sweeps a couple times to take advantage of weaker outside contain from the Rome defense.

-          In the passing game, we continue to feature the tight ends against Anzalone, Milano, and the Rome safeties. We’ll try moving Njoku or Burton into the backfield on some plays as H-backs to try to work them open off play-action as well.

-          We’re going to break out some RPO today to take advantage of Mahomes’ legs and give the Rome defense a look they haven’t seen much of this season from us. It won’t be a major staple of the offense, but we want to hit at least 10-12 RPO plays this week. This should have the added benefit of forcing the DBs to pay attention to the quarterback instead of simply going with the receiver in man coverage.


-          We’re looking at more Cover-3 looks this week to account for our lack of defensive back depth, which we assume Rome will try to attack. Jones is our hybrid CB/S defender near the line to help out against the run and clog up the middle of the field, where we expect the Eternals to target.

-          Up front, we’re going to have a heavy rotation across the line with Shamar Stephen, David Onyemata, and Kerry Hyder all coming in for meaningful snaps this week. Onyemata and Hyder in particular will play mainly at defensive end, sliding Tuitt inside to rush the passer against Iupati and Linder.

-          Obviously with a Cover-3, we’re looking at a significant dose of zone blitzes. We know Rome will use motion to make reads easier for Justin Herbert, so we’re going to try to take advantage of that by blitzing him and force him to make quick decisions against the zone. This will include dropping linemen into coverage while the linebackers, safeties, and/or corners rush.

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12 minutes ago, Blue said:

I gotta ask who is in my "subpar speed lb group" given Jarrad Davis is the second-fastest linebacker in this game for either team and Anfernee Jennings never ran a 40.

Well Jennings is an edge who has been compared to trey flowers and 

"Jennings did not run at the Combine, but our guess is that his 40-yard dash would not have been particularly impressive. Brian Hitterman of DraftScout.com projected Jennings to run a 4.78-second 40-yard dash. That might be generous, and Jennings’ lack of speed will show up when he’s chasing down faster ball-carriers. He does, however, have the short-area quickness to finish on sacks."





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11 minutes ago, bcb1213 said:

I'm not gonna get into a silly argument with you.  I've seen the kid play has quick burst but no speed.  You forget who the group alabama auburn Homer is lol 

I mean, that's fine, but saying "well he was compared to this player who ran this fast, so he must run the same 40" is ridiculous and you know it.

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2 hours ago, Blue said:

I mean, that's fine, but saying "well he was compared to this player who ran this fast, so he must run the same 40" is ridiculous and you know it.

Dude that quote came from a different site and had nothing to do with flowers.  One site said he compared to flowers the other said what I posted.  And it was a Patriots site none the less 

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12 minutes ago, bcb1213 said:

Dude that quote came from a different site and had nothing to do with flowers.  One site said he compared to flowers the other said what I posted.  And it was a Patriots site none the less 

I got a different impression from the way you presented that, fair enough.

It still doesn't change the fact that nobody actually knows what his timed speed is but the Patriots.

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I like Rome here too. I'm not enamored with Rome's D, but it's definitely not bad and even if OKC has Mahomes, the receiving options are stoppable and the OL is patchwork on the left side. I also think OKC has some success slowing down Rome's offense and that Brees substitution thing is random as hell, but Herbert is playing well and Lindsay looked good prior to his concussion. A good enough OL and receiving group does enough against a pretty solid D. 

Rome 20 - OKC 17

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