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GDT: The Cow Patties vs The Horse Patties

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1 minute ago, DaBoys said:

Also, I’m operating with full immunity here. If we win it’s @Matts4313 fault.

If we pull off the tank then my GDT powers were strong enough to override his jinx and I turn over reins to the next chap. Which should probably be @The_Slamman

incorrect. You will take full responsibility for any winning. I get credit for the loss. 

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2 hours ago, DaBoys said:

Mike Nolan calls two plays. The prevent.

...and “The Moses.”

You forgot the “pandemic play.”  It’s similar to the Moses where the Red Sea parts for any opposing RB.  The pandemic play is where the entire secondary practices social distancing from all opposing receiving threats.  

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Games are gonna be tough (er) to watch. 

Defensive has been awful all year, but at least with Dak offense was exciting and could make games somewhat competitive. 

now it’s a battle to see which unit can perform worse. 

Few positives ( aside from draft pick) should be Allowing the younger guys to get some reps. Need to see if they have anything to offer for this team going forward. Gallimore, anae, and Bernard are the guys im really looking at. Also wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more of Cedric Wilson. He’s got take it to the house abilities on slants. Which the team will need to run more with this makeshift line. 

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11 minutes ago, textaz03 said:

Yeah, I’m anxious to see DiNucci in action! See how he handles the big game behind a shakeup Oline. 

plus with the movement of players on Defense will give younger guys much needed reps and evaluations for the offseason. 

We should get to see a lot more snaps out of our young guys than we would in a normal year, and I agree, that's basically the only reason to watch the rest of this year.

Hoping to see a lot of growth out of Gallimore. Also, can we get Reggie Robinson on the active roster, please! 

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