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GDT: The Cow Patties vs The Horse Patties

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Steele is so money.  That sack was remarkable. Martin, for whatever reason, stonewalled Cox.  Then, Martin left Cox to pick up a blitzer.  Steele, realizing Martin’s error, promptly stepped back and let Cox get the sack.  That’s some mvp ish right there.

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6 minutes ago, Tony7188 said:

YES!!!! I'm so freaking happy!

I am so glad for you ....   some of us true Dallas fans realize that being 2-14 is never a good thing and it really isn't worth it over the long haul based on the reliability of draft pics.   

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1 minute ago, DaBoys said:

Nucci has a really ugly ball. I don’t like him

ITs hard to judge. Ive seen some good looking shorter throws... in the 10-15 yard range... the problem judging the longer passes is the heavy winds that played havoc with throws..  like the long one on the second interception. 

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The bitter sweetness of it all. What really sucks is, for the first time all year, Dallas defense played well enough to win. 4 turnovers!!! And we lost!

If getting a top 3 pick is worth it, then by all means tank. 

I just hate losing to this garbage.

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