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Cowboys News and Memes - Offseason edition

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1 hour ago, Nextyearfordaboyz said:

Xavier Woods was not at practice, and did not appear on the injury report. Hm...

Reggie Robinson era about to begin?

Would be interesting to see how he and Wilson work together. 

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“This is a dream come true really. It's an opportunity I never thought I'd get. When I look back at this organization, and it's long line of players they've thrown under the bus. It makes me feel really good about my role here.” Said Cowboys Quarterback, Ben Dinucci.

The former 7th rounder gets the start this week after the bad luck injuries to former Cowboys Scapegoats, Dak Prescott and Andy Dalton. Dinucci takes the field with only one certainty. No matter how well or how bad he plays. The unavoidable loss will be his fault, entirely.

“Quincy Carter, Bledsoe, Kitna, Romo, Dak, Dalton… What an incredible run of players with talent that were ultimately devoured by the mediocrity of the organization that surrounded them.” Dinucci said, tears welling up in his eyes. “I can't wait to become a part of the tragic history of a previously successful organization that's incapable of getting out of its own way. It's comforting to know that no matter how well I play tonight. All of the Cowboys ineptitudes will rest firmly on my shoulders.”

“I like Ben, he's a good kid. I think in another situation, he could have been successful. It's a shame after tonight I'm going to have to rally every member of the Dallas media to hate his guts.” Said Cowboys owner and master of passing the buck, Jerry Jones. “When we first drafted him, I called him and told him what I tell every player that enters this organization. I told him, welcome to God's team young man. I look forward to burning you to the ground.”


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