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2020 Week #8 GDT Steelers at Ravens

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3 minutes ago, Dcash4 said:

I totally agree that it is not a penalty, but we get the luxury of watching it 7 times in slow motion and reacting later. Refs make a call on a field with players going 100 MPH and things happening in an instant. Watching the live play, yeah its in the realm of possibility that that penalty gets called - whether that's ultimately right or wrong. Lamar is wrapped, 5 yards short of a first, and he stands up straight wrapping his second arm around the football and is accepting going out of bounds with the officially right in front of him to see that. Cam smacks him, but at that point the ref is done with the play. 

Right or wrong of the call doesn't matter to me at that point -- its in the realm of possibility and that's when I stop caring about a "these refs suck" narrative (not saying you are saying that in this instance). They are not going to be perfect and get every little detail right because its impossible to do so. You don't wanna be called for something - don't do something that could be called. 

Again, I agree its not a penalty - and this is why I wish the league would implement a sky judge that could have watched 1 or 2 replays while the refs converse about it and say hey guys, that's probably not a penalty, its a running QB and he is still in bounds. But since we don't have that, the conversation probably went: Did you have him in bounds? I had him at the line giving up on the play. Conversation over. 

Now, if I were Tomlin, I would have been livid a few drives later when Lamar tip-toed down the same sideline for an extra yard. I probably would have called a timeout just to get the time with the official to share with him my thoughts on why cam hit him. And I get it, but I have a near zero tolerance for the "woe is me the refs are against us because they called a penalty". 

So again, some things I don't disagree with here.  The sky judge having input quickly on things like that is important.  Although I disagree on part of it; they initially on the field called Minkah for continuing the tackle, then corrected it to the hit by Cam after the next play.  To me that shows they could have corrected it.  I guess the big issue I have with the assumption about the ref being done with the play...blow the whistle dead then.  I'm sure Cam sees the most dangerous running QB in the league, who has plenty of tape escaping tackles, and thinks "not on my watch".  Which is why I think with that style flag there needs to be an intermediate penalty.

I think they showed Tomlin going off on the ref after that, and Spillane gave the ref a good stare down as well.  But that's why I did say mid-game that it was ticky tack right call, but shouldn't have been called.  I'm just not a fan of some of the calls like that where there's a big yardage attached to it.  Hence my later suggestion that there should be a 5 yard "unnecessary hit" penalty for ones like this, 15 yard "unnecessary roughness" for something like actually being OB.


The Judon thing drives me crazy, though, because I loath the "contacting an official" thing. To me, that rule needs to account for the contact that officials put on players or isnt directed at the refs. You will get a guy ejected because he is in a scrum with players, a ref will pull on his arm from behind, the player will react by trying to rip his arm free from what he probably assumes is another player and all of a sudden - player ejected because of forcible contact to a ref. Nope. Ref contacted him and player reacted. Judon was trying to rip his arm free and ended up hitting a ref accidently. They need to remove the inadvertent contact that happens from the equation or not allow refs to be the ones throwing themselves in the middle breaking up fights. 

Goes with my above "by the letter of the law" thing.  Was what happened by the letter of the law an ejection, yes.  But that wasn't the spirit of the law to eject someone for something like that.


I dont know. This is a larger conversation about how to fix a scrum and I don't think anyone would really like the answer to that. 

I feel the same way about offsetting penalties in any sport, offsetting technicals, offsetting 5min majors....they are a joke.  Basically it tells the instigator that they can do it as long as they get a rise out of the other guy.  There should be something that reflects that one side was instigating the issue.

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Just now, warfelg said:

How so? I think he’s the unrivaled best at it. 

I think some of the things he has said recently are just so off the wall silly.

I shouldn't say he is getting bad at it you're right he actually has been good but sometimes he falls into those Collinsworth potholes.

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14 hours ago, 3rivers said:

injuries were brutal, but that has been all to common this year, just terrible.   I haven't been into a game like this in years, what a game.  I thought the ravens kept Ben under control for a good part of the game, I thought the run game would have been used more but not so, just enough I suppose.  The rematch will be a game to watch, I expect a lower scoring game next time, maybe some snow as well. 

Oh, yeah. It was a good game though. Back and forth and fun. Doesn't feel that way when we're watching them. My blood pressure is probably in the hypertensive range 😂

After the fact though, you enjoy it like it was a good scrap. 

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14 minutes ago, MOSteelers56 said:

Didn't Jackson do a little okey-doke on the sideline earlier in the game too. Something like he looked like he was going out of bounds, but then he stayed in real quick and picked up a yard or two extra. I might be wrong, I only watched the 3rd quarter. 

He did it later in the next drive. Knowing being hit draws a flag changes how both sides play. 

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@warfelg I dont think you and I are far off on the penalty thing (not going back and quoting through, I think we are in the same room just using different doors). I saw Baldys breakdown last night -- that angle does make it look even worse for being in the field of play. But my entire concept is that I dont care about the refs. They are going to call things -- right or wrong, whatever move on. 

But I absolutely am on board with how you use that to your advantage the second time. On Monday of Ravens part 2 my interns are going to be splicing that play with all angles of being on the field of play and then add every instance where Lamar tried to pick up extra yards on the sideline and sending that to the NFL. I would be making sure to bring it up to the officials before the game again that we wont stop while that player is still on the field of play. 

21 hours ago, warfelg said:

There should be something that reflects that one side was instigating the issue.

This would become very hard to do IMO. Now we are going to have to go back and watch replay and even then you have no idea what is being said or what was done earlier that actually "starts" the issues. I dont mind the "every go back to your corners" style of offsetting penalties in a lot of those instances. I agree I wish there was a better way to do some things in these instances (sky judge!), but I think it would be harder to regulate and take longer to be accurate. 

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