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2020 Week #8 GDT Steelers at Ravens

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On 10/27/2020 at 10:09 AM, Dcash4 said:

Unpopular take coming!

I hope we play the plainest of plain defenses in the plainest of plainly plain pre-season plain style of plain play...........plain. 

This game doesn't mean a ton to me, other than putting things on tape for the 2nd, and potentially 3rd, time we will play the Ravens this season. I view the second (and ultimately, 3rd) as far more important to win than this game this weekend -- especially after beating the Titans because even with a loss next week, we have the drivers seat to the North -- and based on schedule possible the 1 seed.  

Chiefs are on the road for the Raiders, Bucs, and Saints and end the season against a fun Chargers team. 

Ravens get us and the Titans. 

We get the Ravens and the Bills.

Gimme our schedule with a leg up on the Ravens despite a loss this week with a far more important game being the second time we face them at home on Sunday night (at least in my eyes).

Id rather put nothing on tape of how we ultimately plan on playing Jackson. Play them straight up, if our guys can line up and beat their guys head up -- fantastic. If not, it probably charges us through the games in between week 8 and week 12 and gives us an edge of game tape strategies.  

Good bye rational, well thought out, long term considering Dcash4. It’s gameday. Let’s win this thing by 80 and not accept a loss! 

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