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San Francisco 49ers @ Seattle Seahawks

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Another huge divisional game for the Seahawks when the Niners travel to Seattle this week.  The Niners have one of the top passing defenses in the league, so it's essentially strength vs strength.  Hopefully Russell Wilson doesn't repeat his performance vs the Cardinals yesterday.  He threw three really awful interceptions.

On the flip side, Seattle is going to have to deal with the Niners passing game and they have plenty of weapons.  Jimmy G is back and looking good as well.  I'm assuming Jamal Adams will play vs the Niners since he seemed close to play vs the Cardinals.  Adams is a huge game changer for this defense.

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7 hours ago, NinerNation21 said:

No Carson or Homer this week, correct? Will the bulk of the workload go to Hyde? Also, what's going on with Shaq Griffin, will he play?

Not sure. Hyde probably plays due to sheer need. Deejay probably ends up out touching him though.

Shaq has a legit concussion and thigh issue. I'm guessing they keep him out of this game and roll with Tre Flowers. 

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On 10/27/2020 at 12:18 PM, animaltested said:

Regardless of injuries, Seattle looks overmatched here. I understand Pete_Russ have a way of overcoming the 49ers, but my gut here is not good. I have a feeling this game ends up similar to week 17 last year. 

Overmatched? Stop it, you were saying the same last year and we saw what happened lol. 

Wilson being overmatched against the Niners? Never, even with the great team they had last season and then in the early 2010s with the Smith brothers, PWilly, Bowman etc. The 49ers will never fully dominate Wilson, just not possible. 

Deebo really has the Seahawks number and obviously he's out. Aiyuk looks like a potential star but the receiving core is just good, nothing special. This game will be tight but the Niners without Bosa/Ford can't put any pressure. Shanahan's great but this is a game I'm predicting we lose in the last few minutes. 

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It doesn't matter that Adams wont play.

It doesn't matter that Dunlap wont play.

It doesn't matter if we traded for Aaron Donald, Khalil Mack, and TJ Watt... 


Jimmy Gaprorlrorlrorlol is quite possibly the worst passer in the league and relies 100% on throwing balls within -5 to 5 yards and allowing his team/blockers to generate anywhere from +5-30 YAC. He had about 10 yards of ACTUAL through air passing in the 1st half last week yet everyone was gushing (because Liberal Francisco? I dunno) about him being the second coming of Joe Montana or whatever. 

ANYWAY, my point is, the obvious answer is to press cover and blitz the F out of Jimmy who is one of the worst QBs in the league under pressure.

THAT means, that Ken ****head Jr. will drop everyone 24/7 30 yards back into deep coverage, rush barely anyone, and Jimmy Gpoarlrorl will continually complete passes for 2 yards that turn into 15 yard gains because our defensive coordinator is the biggest moron in NFL history. 

Delete my post, ban me if you must (I really don't care lol) but I really am starting to think Ken Norton Jr. is a diversity hire at the position lol. 

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