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Bucs (5-2) @ Giants (1-6)- MNF


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This game could be closer/tougher than expected. Still feel good about a win, but not an easy blowout like most are predicting. 

Things going for the Giants: 

1. Cornerbacks - James Bradberry has been one of the top corners in the league this year and has familiarity with facing Mike Evans from his years in Carolina. Logan Ryan is a solid #2 and has familiarity with Tom Brady, playing with him in the past and ending his season last year with a pick 6. With Godwin out, Tyler Johnson and some other WRs down the depth chart are going to have to step up if the Bradberry/Ryan matchups hold down Evans/Scotty. 

2. Blake Martinez - he's been one of the top LBs in the league this year. He's been a tackling machine and has been racking up TFL and QB hits. He could make some plays and kill some drives. 

3. Patrick Graham - the first-year defensive coordinator for the Giant's actually has a couple games of experience against Brady already.. he was the DC of an uninspiring Dolphin's group last year. Graham was able to help lead that uninspiring Dolphin's team to a week 17 win against the Pats and Brady, holding the QB to 221 yards with 2 TDs and 1 INT, which was a pick 6. That Patriots team didn't have near the talent that the Bucs do this season, but Graham has been able to scheme against Brady once with lesser talent himself. 

4. Daniel Jones - Should we be scared of a QB with only 5 TDs and 7 INTs on the year? Of course not, we just shut down A Aaron a couple weeks ago and have one of the best defenses in the league stat wise across the board. But a Bucs fan cant help but have flashbacks of last season's loss, and Daniel Jones' first start. We should be a much improved team from that last game, but this is our first 'test' against a game with a mobile QB this season. With a big play target in Darius Slayton who could go off for a big game any week, this offense is a little more dangerous than what meets the eyes when looking over the stat sheet. 

5. Cold weather - Brady is no stranger to the cold. Evans has had some big games playing in the cold. Overall though, we are a team that lives and practices in one of the hottest and most humid climates in the US. It can be a challenge for some players to adjust. 

All in all, we are one of the best teams in the league this year. We are analytics golden child. Brady has shown no signs of slowing down, with his strongest year since his last MVP season. Our defense is hitting it's stride after being tested against some strong offenses. The Giants do rank near the bottom of the league in most major offensive categories. This should be an stress-free win.

With Brady's history vs the Giants and our current regime/roster's tough loss last year, everyone should be motivated to be on their A game and handle the Giants on the big stage with the nation watching. 


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1 minute ago, bucsfan333 said:


D Smith has been very consistent since the Bears game.  

Giants down linemen are good, but OLB not so much.  I expect them to move Williams outside in certain packages to try and generate edge rush.

But really this is about Brady.  Decision making and raising the attention to detail.  Winston was a rah, rah guy.  We ll get them next time, I got this.  Brady will lay into guys immediately, not during film session after the game.  Mediocrity is not tolerated on the practice field or a game.

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