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Week 8 GDT: The AFCE leading Bills

Patriots vs Bills  

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  1. 1. Will Cam rebound?

  2. 2. Which Allen will we get?

    • The good (250+ yards, 2+ TD, 1 or less INT)
    • The bad (<200 yards, 0 TD, 1-3 INT)
    • The Peterman (<150 yards, 0 TD, 4+ INT)
  3. 3. Leading rusher in the game

    • Cam Newton
    • Damien Harris
    • Sony Michel
    • James White
    • Rex Burkhead
    • Julian Edelman
    • Jakob Johnson
    • JJ Taylor

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My wish for this game would be: 
- 20 Carries for Harris
- 10 Carries for Cam 

- Izzo inactive, 2 TE sets and throwing a few passes to the rookies .. <- this one won't happen but I still have hope for the two of them 

- Bentley dominating the run and forcing Josh Allen into 2+ Interceptions 

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15 hours ago, The Third Rider said:

I am wondering if Cam might have reinjured his shoulder, his passes are all over the place and some are flat out not catchable.

It goes more than that. His shoulder is permanently damaged. You can see it when he throws with his upper body it not a natural motion.

Boy I'm going to sound like a idiot but here goes. 

I (think) know what I'm  talking about because in college I hurt my shoulder when I was a SR. They told me I need surgery to play,  refused and quit.  I could still throw but I looked like Cam protecting the shoulder.  Later years, played catch with the kids, every other throw into the ground or over there heads.

PS The Jets had the same thing years a go. They had a good QB who hurt his shoulder and was never the same. Chad Pennington. It was sad watching him throw after the injury.

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5-1 in picks,


I'm going for a BUF 27 - 24 NE.


We can run it!

Bills have given up 887 yards on the ground (25th in the NFL) for an average of 4.6 yards per carry (22nd) and nine touchdowns (t-23rd). Their DVOA (-0.2%; 26th) and their expected points added (0.049; 26th) are equally bad, but still better than the team’s success rate when it comes to stopping the run (49.4%; 31st).

Newton will be blitzed!

During his first three years at the job, according to Football Outsiders, their DC attacked with five-plus defenders on just 22.9 percent of snaps. This year, however, that number has jumped to 35.3%. Against Denver and San Francisco, Newton went 8-of-14 when blitzed for a combined 68 yards with two interceptions and four sacks. 


Ultimately though, I think they have more potential to make plays with their skill positions. The weather hurts them more than it does us, because we can't pass anyway at the moment, but I think it may be the type of game that hinges on one outstanding play. I could see that being an Allen > Diggs hookup or a pick 6 or something. 


We won't miss Jules, btw. He's only produced in one game, where everyone else did too. 


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