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Week Ate: Minnesota @ Green Bay

Multiplicative Inverse of GB Margin of Victory  

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  1. 1. What will be the multiplicative inverse of GB's MoV?

    • greater than or equal to 0.1
    • 0.0769
    • 0.0714
    • 0.0588
    • 0.05
    • less than or equal to 0.0417
    • Other (lame)

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Just now, joeybrowner47 said:

The sad part is even if we win you guys actually win. We actually need a legit franchise quarterback and we will most likely win 5-6 games and miss out again.. rinse and repeat every year of my life. 🍻

No.  This guarantees we go to Tampa in the playoffs when we lose on Thursday too.  We lose, and we still pick like 28th.

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1 minute ago, hitnhope said:

The offense doesn't seem to be able to play from behind much either.   If the game gets tight the Packers turtle up.

They're killing themselves with penalties and drops and Rodgers making poor throws

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Sternberger was going to run into a crossing receiver. So he had to slow up and then re-accelerate. Rodgers had already let the ball go. The ball was on point. He can't anticipate that tr*sh from happening. I'm not putting any blame on Rodgers for this game. This is ridiculous. Pettine needs to go. But who replaces him?

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