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The Pats QB situation

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Pitts is possible but seems unlikely. He is probably a top 15 pick in the draft .. and BB took two TE's this past season which he really hasn't had much time to evaluate. I still think Asiasi could be great .. and a combo of Pitts / Asiasi would be awesome.. but who's going to throw them the ball?? 

Cam could hit them in the knees... or best case scenario of Jacoby Brisset coming back ? 

To me it's QB or Defense all the way. If BB goes 8-8 or 9-7 somehow with horrendous QB play .. he could easily double down thinking he can win with an average QB and go all in on defense. 

If he goes after Chris Godwin in Free Agency I can deal with the draft being all defense though

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7 hours ago, Crimmage said:

Dallas, Chargers, and potentially Giants if Eagles win the division are the teams to look out for on a trade up. 

One of those teams will be pick #5 before Washington / Carolina / Philly / Detroit /etc who could ALLLLL want a QB. 

Does #15, #46 and a first next season get you from 15 to 5? I'm really not sure tbo.. but it also means you're rebuilding this defense with a 3rd round comp and 4th rounders which is tough to do. I still do it If they believe the QB to be special .. but who knows if a bidding war happens and you have to give up even more than that to move up 10 spots. 

1.  Trade pretty close. Based on value charts Pats give up more in points.  something like 200 points.

2.  Don't forget the Cap. Buy low level FA.   EX Mike Vrabel

3. Bidding war will happen, that's for sure.

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3 hours ago, DoleINGout said:

Kyle Pitts anyone?

Love the player however I would say no. Reason why,  we don't know about the 2 rookies. You can't go by the 1st year in the NFL.  Someone mentioned that BB said TE is the hardest position to learn for a rookie.

This is just me ,but a hate FLA players. If the Pats take one you know he will stink! Also it hard to name one WR from FLA that made it big in the NFL. Only one I know is Percy Harvin who was good for what 4 years.

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