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Week 8 - Rams at Dolphins

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The defense and running the football is the only thing working today. The passing game and even the special teams unit is playing poorly. Its looking like Buffalo game all over again. Ironically, Buffalo and Miami are the longest travels the Rams are having to travel. Wake up Rams. 

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7 minutes ago, Car_Ramrod said:

Well this games over. Much needed bye next week to figure this **** out

Havent you learned from the Buffalo game its not over. The Dolphins offense hasnt shown me they can move the football. If the Rams can cut the bull out on offense and stop turning the ball over the Rams will come back in this game. In the Buffalo game I thought it was over because of just how deadly Allen and the Bills offense is but the Rams need to get some points right now go into the half sure up things on offense and they will get back into this game if they just stop shooting themselves in the foot. 

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8 minutes ago, RamPackFan said:

Hate to do it but 



Toldyou so about Goff!! Lmao.

Told us so about what?

He is 2nd most in wins, 3rd in the NFL in passing yards, and 4th in passing tds all since 2017. What more do you want? Nobody saying he is perfect. He has horrible games, he has great games, he has had good games, he has meh games. At the end of the day the Rams still win alot more than they lose.

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