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Irrational Favorites

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5 hours ago, EvilenFroggen said:

Other teams: London Fletcher-Baker, Takeo Spikes, Matthew Slater, Lorenzo Neal. 

As a Bills fan, I staunchly believe that the early 2000s Bills defense was a wildly underrated unit, and was a godly accumulation of solid vets who many thought were at the end of their primes, but really delivered

London Fletcher, Takeo Spikes, Lawyer Milloy, Troy Vincent, Antoine Winfield, Pat Williams, Sam Adams, Aaron Schobel

Absolutely zero offense to speak of, but man, that was a fun defensive unit

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1 hour ago, Zalixar said:

Eric Moulds

Not specifically irrational, just probably will see very random.    Just a great receiver that will never be talked about that much.

Loved Eric Moulds

If it was an even numbered year, you knew he was going to be awesome

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C.J. Ham, Boomer Esiason, and of course Willie Snead. Willie, I think, will one day save the world. He has desperately tried to avoid this destiny (picking up a DUI, playing for unacceptable teams, etc) but one day he will have to accept that he is meant for greater things.

With hair like his, he can't not save the world.


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Was always a huge fan of Mark Boerigter, back around when I first started really getting into football. Was probably just a thing because of the 99 yard catch, but it's honestly hard to remember.

I'm not sure if this counts as irrational just from the position he played, but Dustin Colquitt is legitimately one of my all-time favorite Chiefs. Capping his Chiefs career with a superbowl win was so perfect. But he joined the Chiefs just a few years after my Chiefs fandom really kicked off (right around the start of 2002), and it felt like he was right there with me and the rest of Chiefs kingdom suffering for years, and then being just as blown away as we were with how great Mahomes wound up being. I love the mic'd up clip with him where it was 3rd and long and he was getting ready to go on and punt, and started freaking out as Mahomes threw like a 70 yard touchdown and he suddenly had to find his holding gloves. Guy just went so long never having that. Just felt like he shared the fan experience, in some weird way.

Been a big defender of Dan Sorensen over the years around here, too.

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21 hours ago, FrantikRam said:

On the opposite end of the spectrum was James Lauranaitis. Ironically I'm an Ohio State fan, so I was pumped when we drafted him - but after a few years, I realized he was slow and unathletic, and he made a ton of tackles after 7 yard gains - I had an almost irrational dislike for him

I was this way with him in college. I’m a huge Buckeye fan, and that’s all he did at OSU too. King of 2nd and 5.

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11 hours ago, TitanSlim said:

Another random guy that I had (have) an irrational fandom for was Mike Brown the safety who used to play for the Bears. To this day I still have no ideal why. 

Had he not been injury-riddled, he would have been an all-time great; below only Reed, Polamalu, and Dawkins for 2000’s safeties.

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