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Week 8.5 - Green Bay @ San Francisco

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Ryan Wood -    Aaron Jones indeed is expected to be active tonight, but that doesn’t mean he’ll have a full-time role. Packers will monitor his calf strain closely, and complement him with Tyler Ervin and Dexter Williams as needed.

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3 hours ago, ccecilnosebleed said:

Anyone have any feelings about the Dexter Williams potential should he end up being RB1?  He's been buried on the depth chart thanks to Dillon, but Im genuinely curious to see where he's really at since we had no preseason. 

Just don’t let him protect on punts. 

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5 minutes ago, Outpost31 said:

Lol.  They’ve got Rabcraft or some weird ****ing name Shanahan himself hasn’t heard of starting at WR and you think Pettine is going to make them throw the ball?

I had to look this up lol River Cracraft


This was the best part

Player History


10/17 DEN P/SQ 7

10/17 DEN PS/INJ 7

10/17 DEN terminated/injury settlement 8

12/17 DEN P/SQ 16-17

01/18 DEN FA for 18

09/18 DEN waived

09/18 DEN P/SQ 1

09/18 DEN P/SQ 3-9

11/18 DEN activated 9

09/19 DEN waived

09/19 DEN FA

09/19 DEN waived

12/19 PHI P/SQ 17-18

01/20 PHI FA for 20

05/20 PHI waived

08/20 SF FA

09/20 SF waived

09/20 SF P/SQ 1-8

10/20 SF activated 8

11/20 SF P/SQ 9

11/20 SF activated 9


He's probably going to have 200 yards somehow

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8 minutes ago, ThatJerkDave said:

Now do Jake Kummerow.  He has to have a similar history.  

Player History

05/15 CIN FA
09/15 CIN waived
09/15 CIN P/SQ 1-18
01/16 CIN FA for 16
09/16 CIN waived
09/16 CIN P/SQ 1-16
12/16 CIN activated 17
08/17 CIN waived/injured
08/17 CIN IR
09/17 CIN waived 3
10/17 NE P/SQ 8-9

12/17 GB P/SQ 17
01/18 GB FA for 18
09/18 GB IR
11/18 GB IR-12/DFR
12/18 GB activated 13
09/20 GB T V V
09/20 BUF P/SQ 1

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