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GDT: Battle of the Bens. Steelers @ Cowbelles

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8 hours ago, djdunkenstein said:

Hats off to fassel and the special teams unit yesterday. We made plays! They were the only reason we were in that game if you think about it. The 2 huge returns, Field goals, extra point blocked. Happy to take the L but it was a fun game to watch actually 

And the ONLY reason Pitts was in the game was because of the refs.

3rd and goal for us, Cooper gets pantsed in the end zone, no flag and a pic.

On the ensuing drive they got 3 bogus penalties combining for 40 yards of their drive. 2 of them saved drives as they were on 3rd down stops.

So, yeah refs.

But did you ever wonder what the psychological impact is on these players?

Dallas has been on the ****ty end of the stick, calls wise, for the better part of 25 years. 1 call went our way when it mattered (NFC wild card game vs. Det)

Beyond that, we either get called for BS stuff that kills drives for us or extends them for the other team OR we don't get the obvious call that would benefit us.

So if you're a veteran of 3,5,7 or however many years or perhaps a rookie coming to a once proud franchise, ask yourself:

"Am I really going to go all out for this team knowing we won't get the calls when it matters?"

It really presents a "for who, for what" mentality.

In fact, it would explain why players on this team play their hearts out for the big contract but once obtained, they go into auto pilot, no enthusiasm, no leadership and their production drops off big-time.

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On 11/8/2020 at 3:27 PM, Texas_OutLaw7 said:

Tell me why you hate Weapons so much?

no I love weapons that's why I want Pitts in a tradedown scenario.

If we bring back Dak and give him a weapon like Pitts along with Jarwin & Schultz, it'd be insane.

Coop, Gallup, CeeDee & Wilson at WR?

I don't know, that sounds like one of the most sound our skill position has been for years.

Oh and we have Pollard & Zeke at RB too if that helps.

I can't see a single major weak link in Dak's set of potential 2021 weapons.

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