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BDL 2017 Week 5: Long Beach Leprechauns @ London Knights


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BDL 2017 Week 5: 

Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For people who have been following along and wish to vote: please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (GTD) are game-time decisions.


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Long Beach Lineup:


QB- Aaron Rodgers

RB- Christian McCaffrey

WR- DeAndre Hopkins

WR- Marvin Jones

WR- Cooper Kupp

TE- Hal Vaitai

LT- Russell Okung

LG- Joe Thuney

C- Max Unger

RG- Quinton Spain

RT- Brandon Shell


RB- Mark Ingram

RB- Jamaal Williams

TE- George Kittle

TE- Dwayne Allen

WR- Adam Humphries

WR- Sammie Coates

OL- Andrew Norwell

OL- Chaz Green



LE- Cam Jordan

NT- Javon Hargrave

UT- Stephon Tuitt

RE- Trey Flowers

SLB- Clay Matthews

MLB- Deone Bucannon

WLB- De’Vondre Campbell

CB- Trumaine Johnson

CB- Artie Burns

FS- Darian Thompson

SS- Landon Collins


DE- Dean Lowry

DT- Abry Jones

DT- DJ Reader

LB- Avery Williamson

LB- Joe Schobert

CB- Bradley Roby

S- Budda Baker

S/CB- Kareem Jackson

London Lineup:


Offensive Starters


QB – Blake Bortles

RB – CJ Anderson

WR – Brandin Cooks

WR – Donte Moncrief

Slot WR – Marqise Lee

TE – Delanie Walker

LT – Dion Dawkins

LG – Kyle Long

OC – Jason Kelce

RG – Zack Martin

RT – Ricky Wagner


Offensive Reserves


QB – Cody Kessler

RB – Jaden Richard

WR – John Brown

WR – Curtis Samuel

WR – J.J. Nelson

TE – Jeff Heuerman

OL – Jake Fisher

OG – Daryl Williams


Defense Starters


Edge – Khalil Mack

Int – Marcell Dareus

Int - Kyle Williams

Edge – Jerry Hughes

LB – Karlos Dansby

LB – Mark Barron

CB – Joe Haden

CB – Malcolm Butler

Slot CB – Rashard Robinson

FS – Earl Thomas

SS – Tony Jefferson


Defense Reverse

Edge – Jordan Willis

INT – Robert Nkemdiche

LB – Kevin Minter

DL – Rodney Gunter

DL – Maliek Collins

CB – Tre’Davious White

CB – Adoree Jackson

S – Justin Evans

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Long Beach Gameplan:



We are looking to break 500 this week and add to our two game winning streak against the 0-4 yet talented London Monarchs looking for their first victory.


We will once again be featuring a quick passing game and zone running game. This strategy worked against an OKC D led by Von Miller last week and we will implement it with even more help for our Pass Blocking and Run Blocking this week as explained below.


Our base offense this week will once again be a three wide set with one back and one tight end. We will occasionally go empty set with McCaffrey as an additional slot. However our TE this week will be massive Left Tackle Hal Vaitai who has been pretty good in spot duty of Jason Peters. Our TE’s haven’t done much of anything this season and haven’t been a major threat in the passing game so we are only gaining here by bringing in a mauler to help with the run game and against the pass rush.

Pass Offense:

Hopkins will play outside opposite Marvin Jones with Cooper Kupp and Adam Humphries splitting time in the slot. We are going to feature once again a quick passing attack to help neutralize the pass rush of Mack, Garrett, and Hughes. We are going to again attack shallow zones and weak man coverage using slants, arrows, and other short to intermediate routes. This will take Earl Thomas out of the game as a deep center fielder. We will be targeting the interior where we don’t think the LBers are that great for this London team and we will take advantage of those matchups. The route running of Hopkins, Jones, and Kupp is precise and allows for Rodgers to place the ball where he needs to quickly and decisively. Haden can’t keep up with Hopkins and Butler if he starts, has not been great this year. We like our matchups against their corners. If they play White on Hopkins we will take advantage of the veteran route runners savvy to beat him. We believe Rodgers will have matchups once again this week all over the field. Once again with McCaffrey and Ingram splitting reps both are weapons out of the backfield. With Christian sometimes lining up in the slot we believe we can get a quick matchup to battle the fierce pass rush. If they match a Linebacker on Christian then we believe we have an easy quick hitting matchup. If they bring a safety down we still believe we have a good matchup but also have over the top abilities now in that vacated spot. Rodgers with six lineman will have an extended pocket and he will once again be used on the move to get outside of the crashing down edge defenders. Mack rushes from the Left in real life but whatever side he moves to we will move Vaitai to aide that Tackle whether it be Shell or Okung. Garrett hasn’t proven anything yet and Shell held up well against Mack in the Jets and Raiders game so we feel comfortable with him starting at RT and getting some help from Vaitai. Thuney, Unger, and Spain will be responsible for Dareus and Williams inside.

Run Offense:

Once again we will be running a zone scheme looking to take advantage of open running lanes and cutbacks.  I believe my line will allow for Mccaffrey and Ingram to get some room attacking underneath the edge defenders and getting to the linebackers which feature a slowed down Dansby and an undersized Barron who will get engulfed at the second level. I trust my receivers to be able to hold up their blocks and using a six man line will aide in my backs who have good patience and vision to be able to hit the holes. I trust the athleticism of my interior to give me open lanes for cut backs and dives as we spread out the D more holes will open up back inside where we want to attack the weakness of this defense.



We are in an interesting predicament here. Marcus might play this week (although he will be hobbled) and the Monarchs just traded for Bortles who will get the start if Mariota does not play. Bortles will be coming over the day before game day and will not have any grasp of the offensive scheme or chemistry with his receivers. They have a banged up Ty Montgomery as well who may not play. My gameplan will be a little different depending on which QB plays mostly having to do with LBer responsibility. I will explain below.


Our base D is once again a 4-3 under this week. However if London comes out in a three wide set like they usually do we will match it with a nickel back in Bradley Roby and bring Landon Collins down into the box with Darian Thompson over the top. If the offense goes run heavy like we suspect they should with the hobbled Qb situation we will implement a Tank front featuring Tuitt and Cam Jordan at ends with Javon Hargrave and DJ Reader at the Tackle positions even out of a nickel formation. This will still allow some penetrating type of pressure inside from Hargrave mixed with stout run defending from Reader and having the big bodied Tuitt outside across from the multifaceted Cam Jordan. If he decides to get really pass happy or in obvious passing situations we will bring in our Pit Bull front of Flowers at LE, Tuitt at NT, Jordan at UT, Matthews at RE, and Campbell at SLB.

Front 7:

In base formations Hargrave is once again the NT with Tuitt as the UT and this pair of interior pressure players will get in the face of whoever starts at QB. We also have DJ Reader and Abry Jones who are two big powerful beasts that can rotate in to provide stout run defense on short down and distances if the team decides to rely heavily on CJ Anderson or Rob K to carry a hobbled QB situation. Trey Flowers at RE and Cam Jordan at LE are the bookends who will provide a nice balance against the run and in providing a pass rush. Clay Matthews will be listed at SLB once again but he will move around from the strong side to the middle to the weakside and blitz all day bringing pressure on Bortles or Mariota. Moving him around brings pressure in attacking the run game in the backfield and the passing game. Deone Bucannon will move around also and his job is to spy Mariota if he plays.  Bucannon is responsible to make sure Mariota doesn’t get out of the pocket. As he spies Mariota he sits as a robber as well for any crossing patterns, screens, or draws. De’Vondre Campbell starts again as he has a great all around game and he will be the WLB but once again like the other backers he moves around. In the passing game he will man up on RB’s out of the backfield where his athleticism will be key in taking away check down’s for either QB.  This is where the game plan changes a bit. If Bortles starts Bucannon keys on RB’s, Collins takes on Delanie Walker, and Campbell is now free to roam in base 4-3. In my nickel defense I am actually going to take Campbell off the field. Clay Matthews is rushing still from SLB and he will be responsible for chasing down Mariota or Bortles. Bucannon will be responsible for the RB out of the backfield, and Landon moves down into the box as we still expect them to run heavily. We expect to be in our Tank front frequently with Clay Matthews still rushing from either side or even the middle, and still get enough pressure on the QB while loading up to stop the run with this big front four.  If they go two tight end or two RB, Campbell is in the game and covers the second TE or the second RB, and Matthews because the QB spy/blitzer of Mariota or just the blitzer on Bortles, with Bucannon covering the primary RB.


We aren’t going to assign a particular corner to any receiver in this game. Roby will play on whoever is in the slot. Burns doesn’t get the respect he deserves in BDL but he is a very good young corner. We want to jam and be physical to throw off the timing of whoever plays at QB. We believe there will be a lot of opportunities to get interceptions in this game. Collins will be playing in the box to help against the run but will man on Delanie in pass coverage all game. Thompson will help over the top and will shade to whichever side Cooks is on. If they go two tight ends or two RB coverage in our secondary doesn’t change as it only changes the LBer coverage and responsibility and just takes Roby off the field.

Let’s continue that Winning Streak!


London Knights Gameplan:


Offensive Gameplan


Pounding the rock with CJ Anderson


This week on offence is going to be using CJ Anderson as the workhorse back. We feel comfortable that we are going to be looking to run mainly to the right side of the field as we feel like we can use the the trio of Delanie Walker, Zack Martin and Ricky Wagner to push back the likes Trey Flowers, De’Vondre Campbell and Landon Collins to get some positive runs going.


Passing Plan

I feel like that the weakness in the Long Beach secondary is Artie Burns and due to this we feel we have to attack him when we do throw with Bortles. We plan to rotate our receivers against him so when we line up Cooks against him we plan to us his speed to get him turned and attack him. Use Donte Moncrief size to get him attacking him. We also look to get it to Delanie Walker if they put 8 in the box to try to get at Bortles or stop Anderson.


Defensive Gameplan


Slowing Down Rogers


There is simply no way we can completely shut down Aaron Rogers he is just too good to have that happen but we can certainly slow him down and we feel the best way to do that is take away his receivers. We are putting Joe Haden onto DeAndre Hopkins as we feel that Malcom Butler can shut down Marvin Jones on the other side and it harder for Rogers to get the passing game going we also plan to have Dansby drop back into coverage to help cover the middle of the field. 


Contain McCaffrey


There no doubt that this rookie has a lot of speed to do damage so we have to look to get at him in the backfield. We feel like we can attack both Okung and Armstead with Mack and Hughes will make sure that McCaffrey can’t use his speed to get to the outside and hurt us. We will also have plan to have a mix of Mark Barron and Earl Thomas come into the box to help out with the containment.

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Starting Bortles who was traded for the day before this game, more or less screws London here since he won't know the offense at all. Their defense will keep it close longer than it should've been, but Bortles will eventually throw a pick or two and Long Beach will punish them for it.

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14 hours ago, DingoLadd said:

Starting Bortles who was traded for the day before this game, more or less screws London here since he won't know the offense at all. Their defense will keep it close longer than it should've been, but Bortles will eventually throw a pick or two and Long Beach will punish them for it.

Only one or two that's being kind I know it's my team but still

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Long Beach gets the win here. Bortles is still a sub par starter, hopefully Mariota comes back soon for them. Long Beach's gameplan hit on all the weaknesses....and every other position that London fielded xD. IMO dropping Earl Thomas into the box and playing man on Hopkins with Haden was a big mistake too.

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London's hands are tied by bringing in Bortles so late against arguably the best QB in the league. I actually think London moves the ball around decently despite this with a simple gameplan against a Long Beach unit which isn't too imposing but in the end Rodgers gets it done.


24-13 Long Beach who kick away in the second half.

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This week had a lot of one sided games, this is like the 5th where it's not even close.... Mariota IMO would've swung this in London's favor since they actually have a secondary and pass rush capable of limiting Rodgers but because Bortles was traded for mid week and barely knows the offense, I gotta give the nod to long beach.

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I'll echo the others, having a QB signed this week means a limited offense, and London rushing game isn't good enough in this one to carry them to the win, though I think London DL limits ARod. LB wins 27-10.

Time for TreDavious White to see the starting lineup maybe for London?

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