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2020 Week #9 GDT Steelers vs. Cowboys

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11 minutes ago, MOSteelers56 said:

Trap games happen for every contender. I feel like we get into out "Steelers tunnel vision" and don't see it happening all over the league constantly. Elite teams rarely lose to the garbage teams, but they often play down to them. I'm with @warfelg, these are games we normally lose. That we aren't losing them now, seems to show that we might actually be a contender. 

Agree and just too add, I think people often forget just how good the NFL is across the board. Yes, there are bottom feeding teams, but they still have professional talent. Just in the last two weeks the Bucs should have lost to the Giants, the Vikings beat the Packers, the Bengals smoked the Titans, the Bills struggled with the Pats after struggling to beat the Jets then going on to rip the Seahawks. The league can be weird, but it stems from talent being available almost everywhere. 

This does happen to us seemingly far more than it doesn't though, which is a concern. But I think there are plenty of factors that go into it: we are teams big games, Tomlin treats players like grown men, our general disposition is just to win, and players read headlines. 

Hopefully this game was the wake up we generally need once or twice a year instead of it being a loss. We should find out Sunday and against the Jags if it focused us or not. 

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16 minutes ago, MOSteelers56 said:

Yeah, that's a really good call. Our defenses were always just one small tick below what they needed to be to carry the team. The offense, under Ben, at least over the last decade has been pretty feast or famine. When you have an offense like that, you need a defense that can win games. 

feels like the games we would lose to bad teams all felt similar

offense comes out sluggish for the 1st 3 quarters and the defense would slip up here and there(rarely made positive impact plays) and boom we're down in the 4th and ether the offense pulls it together for a tight win or Ben throws a dumb pick and we end up losing lol now with a defense that forces turnovers, we can have better outcomes more often(being 8-0 instead of 4-4)

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