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2020 Week #9 GDT Steelers vs. Cowboys

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3 hours ago, Dcash4 said:

Its just finding the good in a bad situation, but tell me a better way to assess offseason moves than to see backup guys play?

Offensive line: Chuks and Dotson. DBs: Layne, Sutton (in the full time Nickle role). NT/DL: Buggs. ILB: Spillane. All guys impacting important decisions next year about Hilton, Aluala, Haden, Vince Williams, Villy, Feiler which will carry some significant cap space. Not including Highsmith for Dupree or Claypool for JuJu because I consider them a differnt category (1 totally gone, the other a hopeful back but dependent on a few things). I exclude RB completely because I think your best avenue is drafting one high and giving him the role. 

Lotta big decisions to be made, and we get to see the players that would help form those decisions get actual, real life game time snaps (and so far, they have been really good)

it would be good if the team could be retained but chances are UFA will cost some players as they will get more $ from other teams. Right now the performance of these reserves is what helps the team win very much.  We will enjoy this season and then in the offseason, expect changes. No need to get into who now, but I would be pleasantly shocked if the same team remained. It's not easy to do that anymore, it rarely actually happens.  Like everyone here, this will be a thread I will revisit in the offseason with a few comments along the way. Right now and until February hopefully,  we can watch this team play at a high level.  

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15 hours ago, August4th said:


I wouldn't worry about this too much yet. I think this is a case of the body recovering from the physicality of Ravens week! He's learning that your body needs a little more time to recover from the physicality of the Ravens than when you played Ole' Miss or Arkansas. 😁Welcome to the NFL!  This is the key practice day (Friday). I will assume that he was resting up for today since we haven't heard of anything as far as lingering injuries or concerns with Buggs.

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19 hours ago, 43M said:

So if Alualu and Buggs are both out, who plays DT?   Mondeaux?   He's been trash every time Ive watched him.   

Buggs was a full participant at Friday’s practice. He should be good to go. I’m glad, because you’re right, Mondeaux is really bad right now.

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47 minutes ago, MOSteelers56 said:

Weird to waive Wiz. I’m not sure I understand that one. He still had a season and a half on his contract.

Dotson playing well, likely they feel comfortable with the other backup (no clue who it is).  I think Feiler's versatility plays a hand.

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1 minute ago, Steeler Hitman said:

The Wiz cut may be short term only for a roster spot and he is unhealthy, so they don't have to worry about him signing anywhere. I wouldn't be surprised if he was resigned next week or so.

Then put him on IR since it's a two year deal.  No need to cut him in that case.

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