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Titans release LB Vic Beasley


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I would gladly take him back on the Falcons at a much lower price than he got from us last year lol.  The only problem i had with him is how much he was making against the cap for what production he was giving.   Still though 5 to 10 sacks a year on a rotational pass rush piece or even a rare drop back in coverage dude is worth having on a team.  Say if he was making 3 to 4 mil at most i don't see how a team wouldn't benefit from having him as depth and a pass rush only guy. 

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1 hour ago, Dome said:

Someone will snag him up. Young pass rushers who have previously had success will get tons of chances. He also has shown to be pretty decent in coverage in the past too.

this I can see, probably Seattle, Pats,49ers 


2 hours ago, RuskieTitan said:

Biggest thief of 2020.

Now what about clowney, is he next? 

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Just now, RuskieTitan said:

Clowney tries. He doesn't get there, but he tries. Beasley gets flagged for offsides and does nothing but collect a paycheck.

Would you say while effort is there, the production doesn't quite meet expectations? Beasley though, that seems like a bad signing.  Who do you think signs him?

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33 minutes ago, 3rivers said:

Now what about clowney, is he next? 

Clowney is getting pressures and gets attention from opposing OLs, the hope is that as we replace two disastrous corners with two solid to good corners, the coverage will hold up a bit better and turn some pressures into sacks.

Beasley is constantly left on an island on the edge and is one of the most useless players I’ve ever seen.

Clowney is probably a disappointment for the price, Beasley would be a disappointment if he had been a UDFA.

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