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Seahawks @ Bills GDT 11/8

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overall best game of the year for me. Finally the defense is coming in to their own, granted their top 2 rbs were out this week which helped out against the run but it felt like the defense had their ears pinned back and attacking. I like the constant blitz packages and I think that is something to continue to do moving forward. Even klein got in their for a strip sack.

Offense was firing on all cylinders and daboll did a great job going after their weakness which was the passing game and was able to move the ball with ease. They went away from their game plan last week which was run the ball. I like how Daboll and Allen are able to make changes and adapt to the opponents defense this is something that goes under the radar and is a solid strategic move on his part. 

I am shocked they were able to put 44 points on the board and knew this was going to be a shoot out but I expected that team to move past the bills. The defense stood strong and was able to come away with key takeaways and stops. The only disappointing parts of the game was Turon as I felt like he got worked at times and the last blown wide open touchdown was on him as he lost his man and was way down field before he realized it and wilson had the ball already being thrown to him. Knox is another person he whiffed on a couple of key blocks one led to a big time sack by Jamal Adams which led to a punt. Outside of this I think it was near a flawless game for this bills team.

The offense proves that John Brown is the key even though he is not the X factor he is a big factor as the offense seem to have struggle the weeks he was out or not 100%, if you look at the stats when he is in vs when he is not in the offense is much more successful on average passing of well over a yard a pass. 

Hopefully Mitch and Ford can be healthy next week so the oline can be at 100% as giving up 7 sacks is worrisome and that was in part of the oline backups. Bills need to stick with the same game plan and attack Murray as much as possible, as I watched them play the Dolphins yesterday and he looked frazzled every time he was pressured and was unable to escape with his legs. 

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