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Predict the Rest of the Season

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2 minutes ago, Zalixar said:

Oh c'mon.  We don't deserve to be there.

KM hasn't looked good at all since his injury.  That is affecting his throwing, his willingness to run (which was like ZERO last 2 games) and changes our play calling.

We also can't trust our kicker as he has cost us 3 games already.  So now we have to play call and execute without planning for a field goal.  We are gunna lose twice to the Rams and at least 1 more. 

I mean I could certainly see 8-8 for you guys, which was my predict before the season started, but right now I got you winning your next three and losing your final two to close out the year. Think you end up splitting with the entire division.

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10 hours ago, BayRaider said:

7. New England Patriots 9-7 (STILL!! Staying true to this prediction for a while of the Pats climbing back)



I have the Patriots at 6-10, losing to the Chargers, Rams, and Dolphins on the road, and to the Bills at home.

They beat the Jets at home though, so good for them


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AFC:                         NFC:

1. KC                        1. NO

2. Pitt                       2. Sea

3. Tenn                     3. GB

4. Buff                      4. NY Giants

5. LA Raiders           5. LA Rams

6. Cle                         6. TB

7. Indy                       7. Ari


Seattle over Arizona

TB over GB

LAR over Giants

Pitt over Indy

Tenn over Cle

Buff over LA


NO over TB

Seattle over Rams

KC over Buff

Pitt overTenn


Pitt over KC

NO over Seattle


NO over Pitt

I used the ESPN playoff machine


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