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Saints 5-2 @ Bucs 6-2- SNF


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So either this is the start of the collapse or the Panthers are about to be on the wrong side of a team taking out their anger. 

Arians needs to eat this one. All of it, none of this “well [player] made a bad play” or **** like that. Don’t care if it’s factual, he needs to take accountability for this garbage performance. 

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36 minutes ago, eggybucsfan31 said:

Mother of god. 

Pfft. Why send pressure, you know, what the team is good at, and get the old guy moving? Nah, better let him sit untouched in the pocket and take 10-yards every play throwing under the zone. 

Those 3 man rushes were the cherry on top. Why against Brees would they only rush 3.

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1 hour ago, ravishingone said:


You knew this was the case watching the 1st quarter. 

This is the most backwards and loser game plan we could have had, especially against a 41 year old QB who has made a HOF career out of eating zone alive and has shown that’s all he can really do this year. Payton at half said it looks like the Bucs are playing zone and prevent...like it was laughable to him (as it should). 

Honesty this is EXTREMELY concerning.

No logic. No reason. No explanation. Todd Bowles just woke up today in an alternate universe...and it looks like it’s starting to be a trend. 

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Two poor games in a row. When I say poor, I mean every facet (coaching, gameplan, adjustments, execution). That is extremely concerning. Didn't see us coming out and playing a worse game than the Giants, but we somehow did...

I'm not convinced we rebound next week, after watching the Panthers take the Chiefs to the very end...

This staff better get things turned around quick. There is too much talent across the board on this team to have these showings. I need to start seeing BA make some freaking in game adjustments when things aren't going to plan...

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