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Week 9 GDT: Chicago Bears @ Tennessee Titans

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Fire Pace. Fire Nagy. Fire Tabor. Keep all the defensive guys.

I'm all for continuity, but this is just ridiculous. They are putting on a clinic defensively for the most part, stopping one of the best O's in the league and they can only get a FG... Just embarrassing. I'd refuse to play if I was on the D.

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6 minutes ago, topwop1 said:

I hope the Bears reporters hold Nagy accountable and drill him after this game.

I would like to see this loser go

I already can hear the quote from Nagy.

"We gotta get the run game going and get those guys more involved."


Wouldn't be surprised if Ginn was mentioned just out of habit.

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ESPN had this



The Bears made a poor decision by attempting a field goal on 4th-and-goal from the 4-yard line in the fourth quarter, per ESPN's win probability model. Chicago would have had a 2.5% chance to win by going for it, and had a 1.7% by attempting a field goal. That sells short how clear this was, though. They needed just 16% chance of converting to justify going for it, and an average team converts in that situation 34% of the time


We had a 0.8% better chance of winning by going for it? Hot damn ESPN! lmao

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