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Frank Gore: HOFer?


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5 hours ago, LaserFocus said:

Smith only had 357 carries as a Cardinal, compared with Gore's 697 carries as a Colt. Smith's time with Arizona feels longer, because he's so identifiable with the Cowboys.

True. Although, my reference of Smith there was pointing out Smith's decline in his last 3 years, one of which was his last season with the Cowboys, not that of one which was team specific.


2 hours ago, EliteTexan80 said:

But Smith already had his ticket punched well before his demise in the desert. 3x SB winner, SB MVP, NFL All Time leading rusher - the decline didn't matter because he was already in Canton based on the body of work.

Can you say the same for Gore?

Excellent point and I certainly agree with you there.

My clamoring for Gore's recognition as a HOF player has to do more with his qualities as a great all-around player w/ no real weaknesses coupled with his longevity. If there were levels to HOF inductees I would surmise that Gore would be on the lowest level. But since that isn't the case, and although there are clearly better examples of a HOF player, it's in my opinion due to his overall resume that Gore is worthy of the Hall.

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Good character - Check.
Longevity - Check.
Consistency - Check.
Three seasons of dominant play - No.
Two seasons of dominant play - No.
One season of dominant play - Yes. 
Career stats - Yes.

He's going to finish under 90 total touchdowns.  That's the thing nobody points to in making his case.  Most of the people he's passing in rushing yards he's not passing in touchdowns or rush average.  Yeah, he's ahead of Peterson in rushing yards, but he has 20 less touchdowns than Peterson.

I feel like if Gore ever gets in, it's going to be second, third fourth or more ballots to get him in. 

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