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BDL 2020 Week 9 - Williamsport Soul Reavers @ Antarctica Katabatic Beasts


Who wins?  

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  1. 1. Who wins?

    • Williamsport Soul Reavers
    • Antarctica Katabatic Beasts

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I like a lot of what Antarctica did, especially on offense and I think they'll certainly put up points. However I think that light DL with Sweat and Clark at 3-4 DE will allow WSR and Henry to control the pace and they'll have lots of success on the ground. I think that's the key that will get them the win here.

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I'm not going to penalise WSR for the Gallup thing. Common sense should prevail in these situations - where there's an inconsistency between the game plan and roster, look at what logic and the owner's intention would dictate and it's pretty clear Ww meant to put Gallup instead of Ridley.

I'm going Willamsport. I don't really think Buckner works at the nose and Clark + Sweat are not 3-4 DEs. Williamsport is probably the last team you want to be running that formation against. I think Henry has success moving piles and it allows Ben to pick his spots and keep the ball moving. While I like what AKB has done offensively and the talent of the wide receiver group along with WSR overlooking Brown sees AKB move the ball pretty well, but WSR's D is good enough to get some key stops and ultimately the victory.

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