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GDT: The fight for positioning! Will Dallas be Cooked?

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see...   Smith just a little too late reacting ..  if he had been playing better reacting better he prevents that 1st down.. but was out of position waited too long out of position before reacting to the QB leaving the pocket not reading the play right at all. That is what is wrong with Smith IMO now. In the past he would have been sliding moving as the QB moved cutting in front of the receiver who was covered.. then been able to cut off the QB keeping him from gaining any yards. 

missed Diggs that last big play. Brown is a good defender but a mismatch against a pro bowl level receiver like that down field and again mismatch against Brown who if is in tight coverage needs to not hold but be more physical at the LOS. 

Like Pollard but he needs to be better at reading the return.  

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