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GDT: The fight for positioning! Will Dallas be Cooked?

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I would make the argument that Smith on say Seattle would be making the pro-bowl every year. GASP duck and cover. I just truly feel he is not being put in position to succeed in this defense. HE is a okay cover man but is being used exclusively as a cover LB in our D. When his skill set screams put me near the edge let me either rush from a standing spot or chase from behind. 

And that is why Pollard is a great change of pace to Smith.. that little extra burst of fresh speed   Sigh just a depressing year. This team just has so much talent, so much skill that is being wasted on both sides of the ball. The lack of pre season.. the injuries all of it worked like a snow ball going down hill.   That TD was so easy.. as was the two point conversion, and all it was good hard running by our backs with good run blocking while Minny's D kinda took a breath thinking they had this after taking the lead. 

Just like that last play with Smith.. that is all coaching.. why did he put him self out of the play when there was no whole in the middle and our edge dived in.. your job is to read it and keep the back from getting out wide.

Yeah.. Brown and who ever is getting a beat down by Thielen who is a pro bowl level WR. 

Still Brown is not really I think in game shape.. no preseason.. no real hard practice..   

pitty there is the Rookie of the year and yes guys that is why we need better safety play.  Lamb is probably better but...

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