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GDT: The fight for positioning! Will Dallas be Cooked?

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1 minute ago, Tony7188 said:

Anthony Brown is terrible.

YES he is a terrible man on man on a island cover guy.. Always was. Brown at his best was good even real good playing near the LOS or at most 8-15 yards down field.   IF I remember right even in a zone he was okay reading reacting but he does not have the cover skills of a typical man on man cover guy never did but he is forced into that spot by the Diggs injury.  Brown was even playing safety a while ago.   IT is just not reasonable to expect some one with his skill set to cover some one of Theilen or a highly skilled receiver man on man. 

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Just now, The_Slamman said:

Dalton coming up clutch!

Yeah.. or looking at the replay Coop misread the coverage had leverage wide and cut it inside and Dalton pulled it back then took the sack. if coop broke out wide to the left Dalton was ready to throw it for a big play.   I don't know if it was a option, not knowing the play, but Coop had the defender in front of him to his right but he then broke right going toward the defender. IF he broke left he is wide open and gives Dalton who was watching the route a lane to throw him even more open as there was separation. IMO I could see Dalton start to wind up to throw but pull it back as Coop broke right then took the sack with no time to find another option. 

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