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GDT: The fight for positioning! Will Dallas be Cooked?

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10 minutes ago, quiller said:

oh man...  we have been so spoiled on our game day announcers. These guys are about as bad as they get, especially the color man. sigh.. volume off time.


The announcer literally said Jaylon Smith was our best tackler, after he got stiff armed to the ground by Cook

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Smith isn't a terrible or bad tackler and sadly probably is our best tackler on the field in the back 7. But what Smith is terrible at and has been for the past couple years is he never puts himself in a good position to make the tackle...   on the play Smith "missed" the tackle he really wasn't in good position at all and had to dive at Cook's legs to just make contact, a dive that yes Cook can easily stiff arm Smith away because Smith was over extended off balance just trying to get a hand on him. 

be interesting to see how we call the D...  we need regular pressure on Cousin's or he will pick us apart.. he struggles if you put people at his feet. 

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