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Brock Osweiler


Playing with Tunsil money  

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  1. 1. Will the Texans's pick be top-5?

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*a (very attractive) rider approaches, carrying the flag of parlay*

*dismounts and approaches, offering a slight lean of the head in shared respect*

Floridians, I offer a decree of peace. We people of Jordan shall dispatch our shared enemy in the artery-clogged wastelands of Houston. We shall parade the gas mask of Laremy Tunsil in solidarity.

*unfurls coffee-stained battle map across the ground and points to strategic choke points*

With a humble heart, we will crush JJ Watt's big stupid face, as per our agreement, and deliver to you the top-5 draft pick your people require and deserve. We will employ our battering ram and also our Kareem Hunt to exert our will.

*models the countenance of stoic solemnity*

For Miami, for Sam Darnold's future as a starter, for Brock 2.0, for Finkle, Romeo must die for the sins of O'brien. A top-five pick has agAIn(!) been divined from the astral.

*offers blood sacrifice to Bildeberg enthusiasts Haslam and Ross*

It is done.

*raises glowing decoder ring to the sky and vanishes*

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