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The AFC Playoff Picture

Playoff Poll  

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  1. 1. What record do the Browns end with?

    • 13-3 and win the division
    • 13-3 and take a wildcard spot
    • 12-4 and win the division
    • 12-4 and take a wildcard spot
    • 11-5 and take a wildcard spot
    • 11-5 and miss the playoffs
    • 10-6 and take a wildcard spot
    • 10-6 and miss the playoffs
    • 9-7 and take a wildcard spot
    • 9-7 and miss the playoffs
    • 8-8 or worse and miss the playoffs
    • Other (Something crazy happens)

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28 minutes ago, FGK said:

It's incredible that in a year they expand the playoffs to 7 teams, we might manage to be 10-6 and miss on a tie-breaker.


16 minutes ago, LETSGOBROWNIES said:

Eh, you say incredible, I say completely believable as a Browns fan.

Expected almost.

What's more unbelievable...

Winning 10 games


Winning 10 games and missing the playoffs...for the second time?

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7 hours ago, NateDawg said:

Think we’re staring down 9-7. 

May or may not be enough based on how other bubble teams finish. 

Yeah I think we're the first team out at 9-7. We have three guaranteed wins left on the schedule and we'll probably split a game between Philly and Houston. Tennessee, Pitt, and Baltimore are all lost causes. 

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Here are the current AFC Standings:

AFC North:

Pittsburgh Steelers 9-0

Baltimore Ravens 6-3

Cleveland Browns 6-3

Cincinnati Bengals 2-6-1

AFC South:

Indianapolis Colts 6-3

Tennessee Titans 6-3

Houston Texans 2-7

Jacksonville Jaguars 1-8

AFC West:

Kansas City Chiefs 8-1

LV Raiders 6-3

Denver Broncos 3-6

LA Chargers 2-7

AFC East:

Buffalo Bills 7-2

Miami Dolphins 6-3

New England Patriots 4-5

NY Jets 0-9


Four division winners and 3 wild cards will participate in postseason play this season. 

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