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Jets Sold on Darnold?

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14 hours ago, JaguarCrazy2832 said:

If the Jets trade out of #1 instead of draft Trevor Lawrence, the fans will burn the city to the ground...they might even burn Darnold too and the GM that swindled the Jets out of #1


But, if the FO is suicidal, something like a top 5 pick, a first rounder in 2022, and a couple more high picks/good players.

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Just now, LinderFournette said:

Id do pick 2, both 2nds and next years 2. 

I didn't want to assume which pick it would be, but a top 5 pick allows you to take an elite talent.  Trading down to 2 means trading down again IMO.

Although at this point, I don't really see how you could be sold on Darnold.  If the team at 2 wanted Lawrence badly enough, even I might trade down and grab Fields.  If I'm in the GM's seat, I'd consider it, but probably wouldn't take it unless I legitimately believed Fields was almost as good a prospect as Lawrence and thought he'd have immediate success.  Because realistically, if you take Lawrence, you probably get a much longer leash for turnaround than if you take anyone else.

So even if you'd come away with way more talent for the team with that trade, it may not be worth it for the GM's job security.

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The only way I see the Jets trading out of the 1st pick is if they have the same grade on Fields and Lawrence and view both as good fits for the team. In that case, the only trade I can imagine is for the 2nd pick in the draft and some.

Darnold may be a good QB some day. I’m 100% sure, it won’t be with the Jets.

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Trevor Lawrence will be picked by the Jets if they have the #1 pick, Sewell is the only other option at all and maybe could work but I doubt it will happen.  Chicago, Washington and to a lesser extent Carolina or Denver maybe might be interested in a trade to get Sam Darnold.  Or they could just keep him one more season just in case for a backup and do not sign him the following season.


Not sure what team would be that desperate to trade for that #1 pick, maybe Chicago but they do not have the picks to make that move, much less have not had a 1st round pick in 2 years anyway.  Sure other teams want a QB but not sure how desperate they are to get one unless some big name guys all retire.  


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I forget where I read it, but some draft pundit basically said that there's something like 3 teams in the league right now, that shouldn't draft Lawrence #1 and it was specifically because they already had QBs playing at an elite level, that where also young enough to be here for 10 years. He even said (and this was pre injury) that he'd draft Lawrence and trade Burrow as Cincinnati.

The way I see it for the Jets is this:..... The defense jumped off sides, and you have a free play now, courtesy of your draft position and the rarity of the talent at the top... Are you going to check the ball down by trading back, or throw for the end zone by drafting Lawrence? It's imo, too good of an opportunity to pass on, even if it fails.

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