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Weak Ten: Jacksenville Jaguars @ GBP



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  1. 1. What do you think of people that pronounce it Jag-wires?

    • They are Jag Offs
    • They should be hung from their testicles until death
    • I think it really classes it up.
    • People really say it that way?

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Who:  Jacksonville, a team renown for having remarkably little to be renown about  vs. your Green Bay Packers, a team renown for a century-long commitment to winning championships and, also, bratwurst. 

What: a Covid-era professional football game.

When:  High Noon, LFT

Where: the potentially frozen tundra of Lambeau Field

How Can I Observe:  Packers Radio Network with Wayne Larrivee and Larry McCarren or, in Technicolor, on Fox with what I’m sure will be their D squad. 

Fearless Prediction: people will complain about Mike Pettine during this contest. 

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20 minutes ago, HighCalebR said:

I hope we dont do so well on defense so we can hire Lim Jeonard.

Jake the snake showed he isnt afraid to go yard so look for a cozy shell and 20 play drives. Offense should be wicked fun to watch though 

wonder what badgers029882 thinks about this scenario 🤔

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Fun facts....

Marcedes Lewis was a first round pick for Jacksonville.  Now in his twilight, he is the steady veteran in the Packers TE room.

  • They've started 10 other tight ends since they released him.
  • He is the only player drafted in the first round that Rodgers has ever thrown a touchdown to.

Our OC, Hacket, was in Jacksonville for 2 years.  

  • In one of those years, his offense was the 5'th highest scoring offense in the league (with Blake Bortles) and that team went to the AFC Championship game.

Tyler Ervin was there for a cup of coffee.

  • First he became our savior on the return teams, and now he runs a mean motion package.

Allen Lazard signed with them as an UDFA and spent time on their practice squad.

  • Comes to GB, instantly has chemistry with Rodgers.  Rodgers lobbies him into a game last year and now he's our #2 WR.

Kampman signed with the Jags when GB moved on from the star DE after switching to a 3/4 defense.

Josh Jones is listed as the started strong safety for the Jags.  Though I think he is banged up.

Bryce Paup played 3 seasons for the Jags at the end of his career.

Mark Brunell, a Packers 5'th round pick, was traded to the Jags for a 3rd and a 5th round pick.  After declining to be traded to the Eagles.  He went on to become the face of their franchise and hold a lot of offensive records for the team.  He was inducted into their Ring of Honor.

Andre Rison was released from Jacksonville in 1996.  Paving his way to come to Green Bay and help that team win a Superb Owl.

  • Didn't realize this, but Rison had a 1092 yard season and 7 TD's in 1997 after he left GB and went to the Chiefs.  He made the Pro Bowl that year.

LeRoy Butler was born in Jacksonville.


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Alright! Let’s get this game week rolling. 

Besides facing their 2nd string quarterback, Jax lost their kicker last week so we’ll see who they roll out.  I guess it is Chase McLaughlin, poached from the Min PS and the 6th! Kicker Jax has signed this year.

look for them to go for it on 4th down anytime they cross midfield and maybe even on 2pt conversions, if given the chance. 

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