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Week 10 GDT: Ravens vs. Off-Brand Patriots


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So this game will end the 20+ points streak and also the turnover streak on defense. And it adds another game that Lamar couldn't win while down by 10+ points. And of course, this game was not on Lamar at all...

What a disgusting loss to a pathetically bad Patriots team. I'm just absolutely flabbergasted at how we've lost to this team.

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A turnover created here would be HUGE. If Humphrey has some punch out magic, this would be the play to make that happen. That was we can get the ball back with more time.

As it stands, best case scenario is we get the ball back with about 40 seconds, no TOs, in the rain and wind, needing 6 points to win... and with receivers who haven’t shown to get separation deep.

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