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Week 10 GDT: Ravens vs. Off-Brand Patriots

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Oh wait, Wolfe is hurt? Who’s going to come in for him. Probably our long, athletic end Jihad Ward, right? Oof, he’s not active.

Won’t speak bad on a guy going down with an injury, but I suspect that our defense isn’t losing particularly a lot with a replacement coming in for him.

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3 minutes ago, diamondbull424 said:

These LBs are terrible. They can’t tackle to save their life. Queen is getting exposed today. He’s making PFF’s terrible passing grade look accurate with this game.

And now Peters with a dumb penalty. We’re going to lose this game. This defense absolutely can’t stop the Patriots, at all. It’s absolutely pathetic.

This is the game where we finally just say we're not a legitimate contender. Even if we pull this out. We're a joke. Our Offense went from a revving Ferrari to a timid ***** cat. Our D can crumble with the loss of two players. 

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Just now, Rein said:

It’s getting late here in Denmark!! Not worth it today...

If this were an early game I would be going back to sleep right now.

Given its just after lunch time, I guess I'll just have to find something productive to do instead

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1 minute ago, baltimoreRebel said:

This is the game where we finally just say we're not a legitimate contender.

Yup. We're looking like a paper tiger with systemic issues on both sides of the ball, with an increasing amount of injuries to key players and positions. Doesn't look like it's our year fellas. We really should've just finished the way we were supposed to last season, and won the championship.

Only hope is some late season catching fire miracle run....but that feels unlikely. 

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